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Spotify Firewall Settings & IP Address Range

Spotify Firewall Settings & IP Address Range


I am the system administrator for a high school that wishes to allow students to use Spotify on our network. I've discovered that I need to allow for port TCP 4070, but I still need to know Spotify's public IP Address(es) that correspond to these ports. I am not willing to open up this port for all inbound / outbound traffic since students will abuse it. Please note that I found a post from 2012 regarding this similar request; however, the IP Addresses listed ( and no longer seem relevant.


Does anyone know the public IP Address range for Spotify?

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Please correct me if this is not right... I believe the updated IP Address ranges are: (new)


Update: This doesn't seem to be the correct range as it does not resolve my problem. If I set the TCP port 4070 to allow for all inbound / outbound traffic, Spotify seems to work great.


Just another update... I believe I have found my problem. I was only allowing for outbound traffic to Spotify, which prevented users on the Windows application from signin on. Everything worked once I opened up inbound traffic from the three IP address ranges (,, and on the same port (TCP 4070).


Can I ask what Router you're using and where you've entered the IP Ranges you're talking about?


I can only enter "port" information not IP Range info and I'm wondering if what you've done could help me (also windows, also can't sign in)



I'm also in need for this info. Anyone know if there are new ranges?


Any new ranges?


I need the same information, pls notify when support answered this one!


The Music is my fuel!!

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