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Spotify Isn't Playing the Right Songs

Spotify Isn't Playing the Right Songs

When I try to play my saved songs on my laptop, it will play the wrong song. I click on the most recently saved songs and instead it will play a song that I saved a long time ago. (ex. I will click on "18" by Anarbor and instead, it will play "Still Got Time" by ZAYN and PARTYNEXTDOOR). I have gone down the whole list and they all do that. I have refreshed the page many times and turned the shuffle on and off to make sure that that was not causing the problem. Other playlists work just fine and will play the right song. My saved songs on the mobile version of Spotify works for me as well. It is only my saved songs on the desktop version that do not work.

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Me too, I tried looking into it and someone mentioned about a preferences menu, but I come to find they removed it. Maybe's it's an internal issue and we have to wait for an update?

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