Spotify (Microsoft Store) works with connected standby ONLY if I let Windows go to sleep on its own

Spotify (Microsoft Store) works with connected standby ONLY if I let Windows go to sleep on its own






Surface Pro 4

Operating System

Windows 10 Autumn Creators Update [1803]


My Question or Issue


I'm aware there have been posts about this issue before where Spotify does not keep playing music while in Connected Standby mode, but I've discovered that it works if I let Windows go to sleep by itself. If, however, I press the power button, click on 'sleep' from the power options or shut the lid and make it go to sleep, it stops playing music.


I'm assuming this is some sort of bug since it half works anyway? A fix would be great ❤️ Spotify dev team xx


I currently have Windows set to go to sleep after a minute but that's not really a solution to this.

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I really appreciate you are posting this, because the issue of having Spotify continue to play in connected standby (S0) is indeed not fixed. The developers tried to make us believe that they had a solution here and subsequently even closed the thread, but it is not the case:

  • The issue in the above thread has been clearly described by the OP as "playback of music during S0", so the thread was closed erroneously by a misinformed moderator / dev.
  • This Reddit confirmed, that even with the previously discussed newly added "features", the issue is still not solved.
  • I can personally confirm, that pressing the power button on my Surface Pro 3s / 5s / and 6s stop the music in Spotify (as opposed to Groove).

For a couple of years now, this issue is annoying me so much that it effectively keeps me from buying their subscription.

Hey there @wizk0 and @AndyAndyAndAnd,


Thanks for posting. We're happy to help.


As a first thing to try we recommend you getting the latest app version with all necessary updates. The best way to do this is by performing a clean reinstall of the app on the affected PC.     


It'd also be helpful to try logging in with a different Spotify account (such as a friend's or a family member's one) on your device to check if this might be an account-related issue. If it works with another account, you can follow the steps in this Spotify Answer next. 


Keep us posted. We'll look out for your reply.       

Dear Ivan,


Thank you for your post. Let me cut a long story short: I have tried your steps, but none of what you recommended worked - expectedly so.


Now let me tell you what I feel the issue is with a canned reply like yours: Firstly, you fail to outline as to why a reinstall or account switch would add a functionality to Spotify. This functionality has (like me and others previously reported, see my post above) *not* yet been implemented by a developer. I understand that in many circumstances, deleting a settings folder in %appdata% and %localappdata% can solve issues where normal "reinstalls" do not set preferences to a default value, but it would be rather surprising if it magically fixed an issue with a feature, for which there has never been a setting to activate it in the first place, wouldn't it? Also, why would a Windows 10 feature be an account issue?


Instead of misinforming interested community members, I suggest taking this issue serious and trying to reproduce it at least on your own machine before replying again. I then suggest informing your developers about the fact, that this problem is still not solved and keeps people from using Spotify on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 systems effectively.


Inb4: it's a feature, not a bug. In other words: It would kinda crazy if you needed to keep your phone awake to listen to music... so why keep your Windows device awake?


This is the basic level of missing features we are discussing here. Please take your community serious.


Kind regards, Andy

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