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Spotify app closes after like 4 seconds of me doing something

Spotify app closes after like 4 seconds of me doing something


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Windows 10

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Spotify app closes after like 4 seconds of me doing something
I've done a clean installation and i've restarted my computer??

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nvm i fixed it fl studio was making it close😭

help i literally have this problem rn, but only edge, discord and photos is open

i've tried using task manager too

Me too, it is also self-closing, I am using windows 11, pc and the app does self-close.

 me too, idk whats happening but its like closing when I press any thing

how did you figure out that app was making it close?

Happening to me to on Linux Mint as well. 







Windows HP PC, Samsung Galaxy A13

Operating System


My Question or Issue

When playing any song on my phone or my computer the app immediately closes out for some reason. Whether it's on PC or mobile playing a song will close the app out, sometimes at the end of a song the app closes out. Sometimes I can listen to multiple songs and it'll only close out at random points. My phone told me that I needed to delete spotify to keep my phone running properly but I don't see why this would affect my computer. 

Hey there folks,

Thanks for reaching out on the Community and for bringing this to our attention!

To make sure that we cover all bases, could you check so that you don't have any apps or programs running that might be interfering with the Spotify app? As mentioned by @prodbyor earlier in the thread, other apps seems to be affecting the app's performance, so we recommend double-checking this.

If you've already checked for other apps and it doesn't do the trick, it would be great if you could let us know the following details:


  • Make & model of your device.
  • Exact app version that you're running.
  • Any troubleshooting that you've tried so far.

These details will help us investigate the issue further.


Keep us posted!

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