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Spotify status on Discord

Spotify status on Discord






(ASUS X540S)

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(Windows 10)


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I no longer see the Spotify status showing which song I'm listening to on my computer on Discord. 
It does work when I'm listening to Spotify from my phone though. 
Anyone can help? Thanks!

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Hi there,


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Just to make sure, have you checked the section "Connections" on Discord and enabled the option "Display Spotify as your status" in your Computer? (Consider deactivating and re-activating this feature to see if anything changes)


Just make sure Discord is running in your computer while you're listening to songs on Spotify.


If you're still having issues, please, send me a screenshot of how your configs look like, don't forget to hide sensitive content.


Thanks! 🙂


Yes, that section is checked and I already tried deactivating and re-activating it but nothing changes. 
And Discord is running on my computer while I listen to Spotify, otherwise I wouldn't even know about this problem haha
As I said, it only shows what song I'm listening to if I use Spotify on my phone. 

What configs are you talking about? Dicord's or Spotify's configs? 

I'm sorry for the delay. Hope you're doing great, @Roh.


Mostly both settings to check if everything is set up and linked to each other on your Desktop. 


Can you please try a clean reinstall of Spotify? I use this feature too and I had a similar problem once and reinstalling fixed this. Thanks

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