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Strange bar at the top

Strange bar at the top

Hello how can I restore the old look of spotify, I recently had to reinstall spotify from scratch and I have this weird bar at the top. Is there any way to restore the tiles on the left side of the window? It looked more aesthetically pleasing and wasn't buggy, The current buttons are misspelled, I click on air and it returns me to home or search bar.


My friends after reinstalling Spotify do not have this bar. Pls help me







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Windows 11


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Hi there @Aqustor,


Thanks for reaching out. 


There have been some visual overhauls made to the Desktop app recently and the bar at the top is part of that. The search is now in the middle and the various buttons in the corners. These updates are being gradually rolled out to users, so it's possible that you might have it now, while others still don't.


Regarding any issues with the buttons and with overlapping elements, this is usually caused by the zoom level used. Try changing the zoom and resetting it to the default level (you can use Ctrl+0 to do this). Also try changing your display scaling. This should resolve that.


Hope this clears things up.

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recently in roughly the last 2 months my spotify has looked different than before, the search bar is always in the top middle and the library bar on the side looks different among other things. I would like to have my spotify turned back to the previous look but anywhere i've searched have either no answers or the answers are for beta testing in IOS. please help.


I did some tests and turns out that its my account. still don't know how to bring it back, but when i sign into a different account the app looks different. how do I revert it to looking normal?


im going to add 2 screenshots, the first one is my account and the second one is a different account i made, the names are also what account i'm on. both on the same app.

my account.png
other account.png

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