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AI Bands

Don't know if anyone has notice but through Spotify in particular the Artist Radios has been flooded by these spammy fake artists most likely generated by AI. They can easily be identified for example, stock photos taken from mainly commercial sites (I guess they are more focused on selling their products and services, then using resources to track down infringers) The same cursive logos on the photos, they are all solo artists with auto-generated first and last names, somehow their artist radio matches the bands that fit into our genre but the visual aesthetic is WAY OFF. For example what would sound like Stoner Doom would have a cover of a woman in a straw hat spinning with joy in a colorful field of flowers that they ripped from a site like ETSY. Of course they ALL go through Distrokid who will distribute anything as long as you pay them the yearly fee. No social media presence, no tours, no bio, no merch, but somehow some get 1000 or more monthly listeners. One, in particular has over 6,000 monthly listeners with only 7 followers. When the appear in the artist radios, I block them but it's like playing whack-a-mole. More of them pop up. I guess there's a rule against bot listening the music but nothing pertaining to bots playing music. I'd encourage anyone to block/skip these "artists" when they appear in your algorithmic playlists so that the algorithms will learn to stick put them on a special island where automatons can play each others music and leave us humans alone. I would post names if permitted to do so. 

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Can you check if mine has any? Also drop it a like/follow if you will 🙂


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