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Any New Releases?


Any New Releases?



Does anyone have any single releases to share? If so please do? My new single ‘The Sceptic’ came out 24/03/2021 under the link below, thanks Duncan

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Hello everyone.
Nice to participate here.
My release is a few months ago.
Instrumental guitar music for driving or hanging out at home.
I hope you enjoy.


This is the new song by Brazilian artist Cassiano Andrade (Cápsulas de Amor). Hope you like it.

Congratulations! Very cool! 👏👏👏

This is the new song by artist Vini Sammel, I hope you like it.


today I've released my new single "4ever You".

Genre: Electronic Dance 

Sub: Abstract IDM Leftfield, Breakbeat DnB, Electro

Mood: Energetic, Epic


Here's one to check out - it's about the struggles of addiction and wrestling with one's baser instincts. Enjoy!



please give my first album a listen, I would love for feedback too.






My new collaboration chill track with AUEL called Regression [Future Garage / Downtempo]

Sons of Legend just released their second album on May 22, 2022.

My new atmospheric  Future Garage / Deep Dubstep track, I will glad if you check it 

Hello all! My name is Justin, and I am Nevertitled.

I am a one-man-band from Tampa, FL, with all mixing, mastering, and production done by me!

I have an EP coming out later this year, enjoy!

Actually I do have a song that I'd like to share. It's called In My Bag ft. Kevin Hues and you can listen to it here.


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