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Break Out Artists, awesome newbies, unheard talent


Break Out Artists, awesome newbies, unheard talent

Im looking for new music, not the overplayed stuff on the radio. show me playlists or songs consisting of new artists with amazing songs that deserve attention and are not getting any.

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Hello =3

I'm doing video games music covers 

Here are my covers :

Thanks a lot for listening 

Spotify artist doing video games music covers.
55+ covers available on Spotify

People like Towkio, Alex Wiley, Vic Mensa, Taylor Bennett are so underrated

While some are somewhat famous, they aren't mainstream


I'm also somewhat unique, feel free to check out my stuff

one of my favorite albums ever.

by an awsome low key artist.

I'm a 19 year old college student making rap as a Muslim in Nashville, Tennessee. Doing my best to combine elements from jazz, hip-hop, soul, and classical music. Let me know if you feel it!

Check out my group Grey Glass. Alternative rock and the likes from Utah. Check out a song from our recent album The Middle After Death:


Here is our artist page as well:

Thanks for listening!

Follow me

Looking at the songs in your list, I would strongly recommend both of these lists!

Hope you enjoy, love the effort to support lesser-known artists 🙂

Hip Hop artist on the verge of breaking out

Trizzy Trav - TrizzySZN



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