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How To Gain Playlist Likes “My Guide” Part 2


How To Gain Playlist Likes “My Guide” Part 2

Welcome back everyone! If you missed Part 1 “Playlist Structure” go ahead and check it out.


Sharing Platforms


Now that you built a playlist, let’s begin sharing playlists for the world to see. What I’m about to reveal just might help you become a well known playlist curator among thousands all around Spotify. If your reading this CONGRATULATIONS! Being a member on the SpotifyCommunity is a great start so be sure to post on Music Exchange. 


REDITT be your friend! I’m gonna tell you strait up, Reddit has been the bread the butter above everything else In regards to playlist sharing. Below are some essential  REDITT playlist communities. Left Side




Its also great to comment on posts with a link to you’re playlist. Especially when people are looking for music similar to what you like which you will find on “R/musicsuggestions” A friendly tip, don’t repeat posting same playlist or you’ll get flagged.

((Before I discuss things further you must have at least 100 likes))
This site not only will give you playlist LIKES automatically but you will have music suggestions by Band Member directly or People like me who like to share music. Not only can you post your playlist but you have the option to add 1 additional playlist/user profile and it doesn’t have to have 100 likes for the Second playlist pick.  Nothin better than gaining  LIKES on 2 playlists instantly. 

The Image Above On the Right side you will notice some song suggestions which you have the choice to accept or decline songs. If you accept a song it will automatically be added to your playlist.


Other Great Sites for Sharing

  • Facebook Groups
  • Discord


Music Games/Activites…….Coming Soon




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Hey, StompingLlama. How's it been going?


I was wondering about some things on these posts. What do you mean, by "This site not only will give you playlist LIKES automatically..." and "...gaining LIKES on 2 playlists instantly."? How do you gain them, is there some computer generated profile that follows the playlists, or is it naturally, by people? I don't know if there are just so many people on it that it happens so fast, or what. I wouldn't want some computer generated "likes", because that only gives them for the sake of it, and it's not people actually listening to and getting something out of it. I doubt that it's that way, but the way that it's worded made me think that. I've seen things about buying followers, so I figured that it's possible.

I don't know if you want me to ask the other question on this post, or on the first one, since it's about content on there. Just let me know. I'm confused about some of the stuff, but I appreciate you posting these. Thanks

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