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Petty Mood playlist


Petty Mood playlist

I've been in a petty mood lately and I need a Spotify mood playlist for this!! After crappy weekend that included a breakup, very little sleep, being late to school/work, various arguments, and having to deal with other crappy people/situations, everyone can use a Petty mood playlist to let them feel that teenage pettiness in a non-harmful-to-others way (and feel like a bada$$ in the process)

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I feeeeeeel that. On this rn 

Feelin Myself by Spotify

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Hi there, thanks for sharing. I've been feeling a little down myself lately (loneliness creeping up) and i'm working on a playlist with music that makes me feel good and is also suitable to play at work where others may be around.


As… I’m sorry you’re not feeling good… I hope your days get better! 😊

XENOVERSE is a Chill-House playlist based on the last release songs and minestrone one of the Afterlife and chill universe. Feel free to ask suggestions and if you like it please follow 🙂

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