Share your playlist This is (your artist name)

Share your playlist This is (your artist name)

Spotify created playlist with my own works after 4 years and added it to my profile, I will be glad if you check it and support it. How long did it take you to get it?
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First of all congrats on this big achievement! 


I have been producing house tracks for several years now and I really wanted to share the following records with you!


Nodiance - Breathin'

This was my first release on Spotify, so it will always have a special feeling.


Nodiance - Be Good

Next we came up with this track that provides a boost in your day and exudes positive energy!


Nodiance - Thinkin' About You

Our last release, here we went for a record to unleash on and shake the legs loose.

Give it a listen and enjoy!





Instagram - @wearenodiance

Thanks for following, much love

Best party years in NYC was to House music.., We Love the track Be Good as a FAV.., They are all great 👍 


Check out and Share music from the Artist BROOKLYNE 



This is a playlist I'd love to share with you. It's a band I used to promote on local radio stations, and I thought we wer friends, but it turned out to be a pathetic lie. Anyhow, hey're The Dice.


This is their EP 'Moonlight Promenade'


This is their album 'Showcase Come Alive'


And lastly.........................


This is their latest release.


They don't deserve anything, in my opinion, but let me know if you like their music



I don't have one yet. You need to have around 50 songs uploaded before Spotify gives you one and I have no where near that.

What I do have is a playlist I made of my musical inspirations as well as my Spotify radio:

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