Sharing my first release

Sharing my first release

Hi there,


My name is Harry and my producer name is BONE. I hope you are well! 


I am creating this message to you to let you know that I have recently released a remix named 'Spirits Around My Bed (BONE remix)'  🌝

It is an Ambient version of the original by Lights on Moscow called Spirits Around My Bed. 


Here is the Spotify link: 


I'd love for you to listen, share and/or add it to your playlist, if you would like to 🙃


I have a background in orchestral percussion and for many years, before the pandemic, I was a freelance percussionist and drum teacher. The pandemic helped me to realise that I wanted to pursue a career as a producer, composer and dj but not limited to any field of interest within the audio field, currently. 


I hope to continue making more ambient remixes of tracks from other artists and if you love the track, please make contact with me via Instagram: 


Thank you for the support!


With kindness, 


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I peeped your stuff. You've got a TON of potential. Here's my latest release if you don't mind checking it out 🙂

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