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Chat Guidelines


Last updated: 3 May, 2021


What is Chat?

Chat is a place for fans of Spotify to come together and celebrate the music and podcasts they’re listening to, with a specific focus on amplifying the voice of emerging artists.


What are the six categories within Chat?

Chat has six categories in which to put your posts:


  • Music Exchange - Here you can share your current favorite tracks and create playlists together with others. 

  • Music DiscussionLet's dig deeper and discuss! What's so special about the music and artists you're most passionate about?

  • Discovery & Promo - Celebrate the new and emerging artists you've never heard of. Тhis is where if you're an artist, you can promote your work! Or maybe you have just discovered a new artist that you want to showcase to others. Make sure to include some info about what makes them great.

  • Social & Random Music games, listening parties, fun chat and getting to know one another. 

  • App & FeaturesTips to manage Your Library better and make the most of the app. 

  • Podcast Discussion What are the shows and creators everyone should be paying attention to?


Tip: Where available, you’ll be directed to the specific category guidelines if you click or tap the categories above - make sure to read through those before posting in the respective category!


What should I (not) do as a user in Chat?

To ensure the best Chat experience for yourself and all other users, keep in mind the following:


  1. Use the correct category when posting a new thread. 
  2. Keep your posts relevant to the topic of the thread.
  3. Do not post the same track/playlist URI:
    • more than once in the same thread;
    • more than once in 10 days in Chat. 
  4. Do not post anything that is for the purposes of commercial profit, including exchanges of favors, offering rewards, and transactional requests.
  5. Only post links to music or podcasts from channels other than Spotify if they are unavailable on Spotify.


TipIf the Community Moderators spot posts which do not observe the above guidelines, they may decide to move or remove such content. Remember that everything posted in Chat is also subject to the Spotify Community Guidelines.


How should I use Chat as an artist or creator?
You’re welcome to share your work with the Community using the Discovery & Promo label, bearing in mind the above guidelines. When doing so, make sure to tell us about yourself, the inspiration for your work, and what we can expect to hear - don’t just share a link!


How do I help moderate Chat as the author of a thread?

We place the responsibility on you as the author of the thread to make sure that users who post in your thread are adhering to the guidelines and are making a valuable contribution to your discussion. 


If a user posts something that seems irrelevant, we ask you to reply to them in the thread and try bringing them into the discussion.


However, if the user ignores this and/or is spamming your thread, you can report them by following these steps:


    1. Click the three dots in the top-right corner of the post. 
    2. Click Report Inappropriate Content in the drop-down menu. 
    3. Write a short description on how the user is breaking the guidelines and/or write the number of the guideline being broken. 
    4. Click NOTIFY MODERATOR. The Community Moderators will then take a closer look and follow up if the user has broken the guidelines.