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FAQ: The New Spotify App for PC and Mac


Hey everyone,


Thanks for all the feedback we've received since launching the most recent update for the new Spotify desktop app - it's highly appreciated!


The Moderator team has been going through your posts and questions regarding the new UI. We want to take a minute to address the most common ones we've received and help you have a smooth transition to the new design. 


A big shout out also to @dan who's already touched upon a lot of the points raised around the update. Make sure to check out his blog as well - there you will find more details not only on the general mindset behind this change, but also more insight on the technical side of things.


  1. Why did the design change in the first place?
    The New Desktop App bridges the technical gap that existed between the web player and the previous app. If you want to look more in depth into the engineering side of things you can have a look at this article. The new UI allows us to roll out features and improvements more swiftly so we can continue providing you with the best listening experience possible, all the while expanding user accessibility and design functionality. Expect more of the requests on our Idea Exchange to be implemented quicker then ever before!
  2. When will I get the new design?
    The new UI will be gradually rolled out to everyone over the coming weeks.
  3. Where to find the Made for You section?
    You can access the new and redesigned Made For You hub by going to Search Browse all. That is also where the new Spotify Mixes are located - in addition to the Daily Mix 1-6, there are now also your personalized Artist, Genre & Decade Mixes!Inkedmade for you_LI.jpg
  4. Where has my Discover Weekly gone?
    Not to worry, it's still there! You can access it both via Search Browse all Discover and through Search Browse all Made for you.
  5. Why was the Search bar moved?
    This change was made as part of our efforts to improve accessibility and functionality, so that the app is more in line with what users have come to expect from Spotify.  We've made sure that this change did not lead to an increase in the number of actions a user makes when searching as previously a click was needed to activate the search bar. Now when you click Search the app automatically focuses the search input and you can start typing straight away after one click. Alternatively, you can hit Ctrl+l to jump to search even faster.
  6. How can I sort my playlists by date added from newest to oldest? 
    If you have the app minimized, you can expand it until the Date Added column appears. By clicking on it the sorting order can be reversed. This change will be saved if the app is minimized again.
  7. How to sort playlists by Artist 
    In the playlist view, clicking on Title three times will switch to sorting by Artist name. Click once more to reverse the order and once more after that to get back to the default song order.
    Inkedsort by artist_LI.jpg
  8. Where is the Discovered On section from the Artist page? 
    This feature is currently not available, however we can confirm that it will be making a comeback! Expect this with one of the upcoming updates so make sure you're running the latest version of the app.
  9. How do you see the complete song list from albums in an Artist's Discography?
    Although this is not currently an option, we've listened to your feedback and are actively working on bringing this feature back. You can also expect it as a part of upcoming app updates, so keep an eye out for those.
  10. What happened to the Artist's About section?
    This section was moved to the bottom of the Artist page and can now be reached by scrolling down. By clicking on it you can open an extended view of it with additional information like the number of followers, cities with the most listeners and links to social media profiles.
    ariana 2.PNGariana.PNG
  11. How to get the Spotify URI
    You can bring up the option to copy a Spotify URI by holding down the Alt button on your keyboard (Windows) or Option (Mac) while accessing the Share options.
    Copy Link.PNG Copy URI.PNG
  12. Where can I find my Local Files?
    The tracks you've imported can now be accessed via Your Library Local Files, right next to your Liked Songs.
    local files.PNG
  13. Where is the option to show unavailable (greyed out) songs?
    Unavailable songs are now shown by default, this is why the option was removed from the setting menu.
  14. Will there be an option to see and play tracks I've liked from a performer's Artist page?
    This is also a feature that was requested by many of you. We're happy to announce that is also due to be implemented with one of the upcoming updates. 
  15. Can I get the old UI back?
    The old UI will stop receiving updates, fixes and support, so it's not something that's considered.


There were also some points of concern that came up in relation to the launch of the new app. We appreciate your understanding on the matter and want to reassure you that all of them are being looked into by the right folks. You can follow the links bellow and check up on all related news. We'll post updates as we have them.



We would also like to thank you for your active engagement in the discussion on future changes and improvements. We regularly monitor our Idea Exchange for new suggestions and have gathered the most popular requests. Make sure to check them out - by adding your support you help us get a better picture what features are most important for you, so we can focus our efforts better.


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