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Idea Exchange Guidelines: Why was my idea closed?


This is part of a series of articles outlining how the Idea Exchange works:

  1. Idea Exchange Guidelines: What do I need to know before submitting?
  2. Idea Exchange Guidelines: How can I submit an idea? What happens next?
  3. Idea Exchange Guidelines: Why was my idea closed?
  4. Idea Exchange Guidelines: How does my feedback reach Spotify?

Ideas are moderated by Spotify Community Staff and our very own Community Stars.


Sometimes, you’ll see that an idea's status has been changed to ‘Closed’. This can be either because it didn’t meet one or more of the requirements of our Idea Exchange or it hasn’t gathered enough votes to remain active.


An idea needs to reach a certain amount of votes in order to be prioritized over others. These vote goals are:

  1. 50 votes within 3 months
  2. 180 votes within 6 months
  3. If an idea didn’t quite reach the first two goals but is still popular, we’ll keep it open for voting for another 18 months to gather 500 votes 

Note: Even in a Closed state we'll still be tracking the idea and its votes. Should anything change, we will make sure to post an update.


We’ll also mark ideas that have reached the vote goals as ‘Case Closed’ if the idea has been brought forward to our developers, but it’s not something we have on our timeline right now - That doesn't mean it never will be. 


We just want to be as transparent as possible and give timely updates, so don’t despair if your idea is set to Case Closed - with time and new votes, we’ll be reviewing our existing suggestion and revising conversations with the right teams.


It should also be noted that we cannot comment on third-party integrations, before they come out. For this reason we will generally set those ideas to Case Closed at some point. Also, in some cases we can’t update the idea until it’s actually been implemented for a variety of reasons.


If you'd like to learn more about how your feedback reaches Spotify, have a look over here.