What do the different Ongoing Issue statuses mean?






If you're reading this, you're probably here after looking at an Ongoing Issue and wondering what its status means. 




Here's a brief overview of the statuses we use and what each means (click on the spoiler to view more) :

  • New Issue Report
    This is automatic status given when a thread has been just moved to the Ongoing Issues board. We'll be updating this thread to a more appropriate status, so check back soon!
  • Need More Info
    An Ongoing Issue has this status while we gather votes and relevant details from users. These are very helpful to us: votes help us understand how many users are roughly affected, and details are valuable for the teams to better reproduce and pinpoint what's happening.

    Make sure to leave yours if you're experiencing the same issue!

    Once we've gathered the relevant details and a minimum of votes, we report this with the teams backstage. 
  • Under Investigation 
    This is the status we'll give whenever an issue has been reported to the right teams. Our moderator team monitors and passes along any helpful info to them, so keep them coming! 
    If your issue has this status, we recommend you subscribe to it by clicking the three dot menu of the original post. This will ensure that you get notifications for any updates.
  • Fixed
    Great news! We've heard back and confirmed this issue has been resolved. If you don't see any changes right away, follow the steps in the Status Update.

    Tip: If you're experiencing a similar issue and come across an older Fixed thread, we recommend you start a new Help board thread instead. This way, our Community can help you resolve this newer issue faster. Don't forget to add all relevant details and troubleshooting you've tried!
  • Not Right Now 
    We give this status to issues that have been flagged with our tech teams but we don't have a timeline on when this will be resolved. Keep the app updated so you won't miss out when this happens! 
    We'll be also sharing any updates from the teams as we get them, so don't forget to subscribe!
  • Won't Fix 
    It's possible that some issues we won't be able to resolve. The Status Update will have some additional info on why.
    This doesn't rule out that a future update of the app won't resolve or improve the behavior you're experiencing! This is why we recommend you always keep the app updated.


Occasionally, we'll move an Ongoing Issue back to the Help boards. This is because our teams have looked into the issue described by the original poster and deemed it a non-issue (for example, the behavior described is expected of the app).



Tip: Always follow the instructions included in each Status Update as it contains the most up-to-date info.




We hope that gave you a better idea of what happens in this board! 



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