What happened to the Spotify app on the Samsung Tizen OS?


Spotify will deprecate the remote control functionality on smartwatches powered by Tizen OS. When it happens, the built-in function on the Spotify app will be removed, but users will still be able to control the playback through Tizen media controls.


This change will affect all devices that currently run Tizen OS for smartwatches, like the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Samsung Gear S3. The new Galaxy models that run Wear OS 3 will not be affected by this change.


After the deprecation, Spotify users will not be able to switch between the standalone and remote modes, since remote mode is being removed. However, the app will work in standalone mode, which keeps features like streaming or playing downloaded content on the watch.


On the watch face, the Samsung music note icon will replace the Spotify icon to launch the Tizen built-in media controls instead of the Spotify app. 


The Spotify widget will not be able to show and control the current playback session on the phone; it will only operate on the Spotify Tizen app.


Questions & Answers


  • I have a free Spotify account. Will I see any changes?

A.: The overall experience of remote controlling Spotify is changing for both Free and Premium users. But, on the free tier of Spotify, you will see there is nothing to do on the app after the deprecation of the remote control mode.


  • I have a Premium Spotify account. What changes will I see?

A.: You will be able to continue listening to your content directly through your smartwatch in standalone mode. This includes streaming and downloaded content.


  • Can I still use the widget to control Spotify on my phone?

A.: After deprecation of the feature, the widget will not be able to show and control the current playback session on your phone. It will only work with  Spotify for Tizen when listening to content directly through your watch.


  • What happened to the Spotify app on my watch?

A.: After removing the remote control mode, Spotify will only work in the standalone mode for premium users on smartwatches powered by Tizen. There will be no way to switch to the remote control mode. Select the Samsung note icon to control your Spotify session.


  • I have never used the standalone mode. How can I access it?

A.: After the deprecation of the remote control mode, when you open Spotify, it will launch the standalone mode by default, and you will need to log into your account. If Spotify is connected to your Samsung account, this login will happen automatically.


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