What is a Spotify Group Session?




When people living together can’t agree on what to play next on Spotify, the group session feature might help restore the peace at home. A group session lets everyone pick a track by adding it to a main queue on the device initiating the session. 



Who can make use of group sessions?

Anyone on a Premium plan using mobile or tablet.     

How to start a group session? 

To start a session you need to first tap on the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the screen.





Then tap on the icon Ivan_1-1596010241296.png 




You'll see a green button saying START SESSION allowing you to initiate the session on your device.   





There are two ways a friend of yours can join your group session. They can scan the code from their device by tapping on SCAN TO JOIN and pointing their camera at the code on your device. This option is available when you listen together close to each other. You can also invite your friends remotely by tapping on INVITE FRIENDS.   





Then you'll just need to select a sharing option. 





How to keep to the music flowing?

If you'd like to play a song but you don't want to interrupt the currently playing one, you can use the 3 dot menu next to the track to queue your choice. You can find more info on that here. This will ensure that you'll enjoy a smooth transition between song with no sudden changes.



How to quit a group session?

You can quit a group session in two ways - end it or leave it. 


To leave a group session, tap LEAVE SESSION under In a group session





If the music’s playing from your device, tap END SESSION to end the group session.





What to do if something isn't working as expected?

  • Log out > Restart your device > Log back in 
  • Check your network connection - give it a shot on Wifi and 3/4G
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app
  • Keep in mind that currently this is a Premium only feature


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