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[0.8.8] Bring back play all songs by artist

Since the new artist details page was introduced (with the white background) the behaviour of playback has changed.  Previously if you double-clicked a song it would queue up all of the other songs by that artist.  Now all it does is queue up that album (or single!).  You can select all the songs manually and explicitly add them to the queue, but this isn't intuitive and doesn't support shuffle.


The only way I've been able to figure out how to listen to all songs by a particular artist is to create a playlist, and then add all that artists songs, which soon clutters up the sidebar!


Hello folks!

We've begun rolling out a new version of Spotify which includes this feature. We're rolling new version out over the coming days so if you haven't already, you should be able to update soon.

Thanks so much for the feedback, we love it. 



Just moved entire family over to spotify.. and can't for life of me find how to play all songs from one artist.


Megan Moroney play or shuffle does about 13 songs before moving onto recommendations from other artists.

Within discography there is just over 20 songs. 

How do I play in this example all songs..

On my music unlimited app I simply picked artist... all songs listed. Pressed play or shuffle. Done. 

I surely must be doing something wrong