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Is there a way we can rate podcasts? I feel bad about no longer "following" a podcast once I am finished with it and would love to be able to rate it and/or leave a review or something like that. That way others can see via the rating if people like it or not. Can we please implement a rating system like they do other places?


Updated on 2021-12-29

Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback on this feature.


Happy to share it's been implemented: you can now rate shows as well as take a look at their rating average and total count on mobile 🙂


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Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2020-06-11

Hey there @nightmarechic24,


Thanks for submitting your idea! 


It has been marked as a new one and others can now vote for it!


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We really do need a function to rate Podcasts that should be available to everybody free or otherwise


Please vote it is ludicrous that the only way to support podcasts is thrj itunes???


This is the 4-5 time this has been brought up with slightly different wording, not sure if that can be taken into account but it seems clear it is an issue.


Seconding this! It would be a great way to support creators on the platform as well, and have podcast creators more involved with Spotify!


Definitely!! I would really love to be able to rate podcasts or artists. But podcasts especially, because podcasts are idea sharing it is so important to be able to tell others why the ideas shared are relevant, and why more people should listen! 


Rating & reviewing podcasts has always been an important part of the podcasting medium, connecting podcast creators & listeners and providing detailed info on a podcast to help people find new ones to listen to. Finding podcasts you love is a bigger challenge than ever with the explosion in popularity of the medium, in which Spotify has played an influential role, and user reviews are an essential way to find what you want. 


So it's weird that Spotify does not allow users to rate and review podcasts even as Spotify has been trying very hard to be a major player in the podcast biz. If Spotify is serious about this goal, show us by providing this essential feature. Let us rate & review podcasts!

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes

Updated on 2021-03-23

Hello @nightmarechic24!

It looks like your idea was posted a while ago but, unfortunately, it hasn't gathered the minimum amount of votes to stay active in the Ideas Exchange (50 votes in the first 3 months). I'll mark your idea as "Closed - Not Enough Votes". You can learn more on how the Ideas Exchange works here.

Have a nice day 🙂

  1. All our favorite creators ask us to rate on itunes or apple music. No one says Spotify. Because you can't. You are missing out on free advertising on EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF A PODCAST. And, creators and their fans, have less ways to support one another. It does not feel like Spotify is the go to place for podcasts like they want to be. Very disappointed

Will the ability to rate Podcasts be available soon. I don't want to have to use a separate app for Podcasts just so I can rate them. Thank you for any info you can give me.