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[Android][Other] Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive - Android

So this idea has been implemented for iOS, can we see some Android love please???


The Connected Drive app is available on the Google Pllay store but it's only showing integration with Twitter and some other parts of the phone, would love to see Spotify added to this!


BMW Connected

Updated: 2015-10-06

Hey everyone, the new 2016 BMW 7 Series is here – with Spotify built in. Pair your Android (with the Spotify app 3.8.0 update or above) to control music straight from the dashboard. 

Due to Android OS phone manufacturer compatibility issues, the Spotify integration currently only works with the new 2016 BMW 7 Series. We are working hard to enable Spotify for all compatible BMW Connected Drive and Mini Connected vehicles.


It works ... sometimes !

BWM connect App crash is frequent

The interface is incomplete I'm not able to search for music, somtimes interface seems different (part is missing). 

So there is some progress but not the end of the journey !



@Vincent007 wrote:

The BMW connected Android app February's update seems to have fixed some of the issues. Now I'm able to see album art and select Playlist from the car's screen and control. However, I'm still not able to access and select tracks from the Playlist from the car's HUD with the steering wheel control. Well, at least there's some improvement to the issue. 

Hi @Vincent007 , I'm about to get my BMW (still in the dealer). Are you connecting from your android phone via BlueTooth?? I had the opportunity to try it in my new car and it was working via BT but not displaying the album art.

It depends on the version of your bmw connected apps and your android. I'm
using BMW ver: and android build:


Hi again @Vincent007 , I'm really happy because I finally got my new car :-)) I am using Android version on my Huawei Mate 10, I am connecting spotify via BT but I don't know where to find what you called 'BMW ver' (, in your case). However, I connected to and my new car media firmware seems to be up to date. What am I doing wrong?,  as I can see album and artist name, but no cover and no access either to spotify playlists other than the current one playing.

You need to download the BMW connected app first from Google play store
before you can properly utilize Spotify with your new car.

Ok, thanks, I already had it, my version is, just as yours. Do I have to connect via USB?. It's not working for me via Bluetooth.


@Vincent007  I'm stuck on this! Please let me know what I must be doing wrong as I'm in the same version of BMW connected drive as you.


Finally it's also working everything for me don't know how but it's working, thank you!!


Hi again!! Although it is working quite well now from iDrive control, we cannot choose the next/last song from the steering wheel buttons. Could you please solve this issue?? It will be almost perfect then!

Agree - It is the same for me. The HUD only shows a "loading" icon when
using the steering wheel controls. If that was fixed it would be a very
usable product.