[Android][Other] Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive - Android

Status: Implemented

So this idea has been implemented for iOS, can we see some Android love please???


The Connected Drive app is available on the Google Pllay store but it's only showing integration with Twitter and some other parts of the phone, would love to see Spotify added to this!


BMW Connected

Updated: 2015-10-06

Hey everyone, the new 2016 BMW 7 Series is here – with Spotify built in. Pair your Android (with the Spotify app 3.8.0 update or above) to control music straight from the dashboard. 

Due to Android OS phone manufacturer compatibility issues, the Spotify integration currently only works with the new 2016 BMW 7 Series. We are working hard to enable Spotify for all compatible BMW Connected Drive and Mini Connected vehicles.


So frustrating, and reflects badly on BMW and Spotify, wherever the blame truly lies! New 435d with pro nav / idrive and an LG G3 phone listed as compatible on BMW's site.


Spotify integration (android) is non-existant frankly. Oh, apart from the Spotify icon in connected drive, which does....nothing.


BMW Genius at the local dealership could only stare at his shoes when questioned.


Please get it sorted!


In the interests of fairness I'm sending this message to BMW too.




Very disappointing if you buy a 30000€ car, including a "high-end" Infotainment system and a premium sound-system, paying 9,99€ / month for spotify premium and the ability to listen to spotify and controle it via the car-controls/buttons is focused on i-phone users only!

Listening via BT or AUX is not an option for me as it sucks all the good quality i am paying for!


Greetings from a very disappointed German customer, who wishes for an FAST updated!


+1 got a brand ne 1-Series 11/2015 but Spotify is not showing up on the iDrive. I am able to choos spotify as a app i would like to see in the car in BMW Connected App, but then it is not available.


With my Grilfrieds-Iphone Spotify integration works like charme.


Please finally implement this Feature on Android....!!!


Same story for me.

I have an F10 5' Series from 2015.

The app is listed in BMW Connected App but it does not work on my car.


BMW please update that it works on every Pro Navigation system!!

Waiting for NBT integration...

Same Here.Waiting for NBT integration...


Waiting for integration for F10 and Note 4


There is a BMW Connected app update (v1.8) on Google Play and i was hoping this would finally enable Spotify over USB in NBT, but it does not. Tested on Nexus 5 and Nexus 6P, didn't see any changes.


Same here, LCI X3 2015 running latest updates for both connected app and Spotify but still nothing works, just a fairly working audio streaming... It's taking too long to make this work!!!

Agreed that this should not be marked as implemented.  It is still only available on 1 BMW car.

Please implement on Android.

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