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[Android][Other] Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive - Android

So this idea has been implemented for iOS, can we see some Android love please???


The Connected Drive app is available on the Google Pllay store but it's only showing integration with Twitter and some other parts of the phone, would love to see Spotify added to this!


BMW Connected

Updated: 2015-10-06

Hey everyone, the new 2016 BMW 7 Series is here – with Spotify built in. Pair your Android (with the Spotify app 3.8.0 update or above) to control music straight from the dashboard. 

Due to Android OS phone manufacturer compatibility issues, the Spotify integration currently only works with the new 2016 BMW 7 Series. We are working hard to enable Spotify for all compatible BMW Connected Drive and Mini Connected vehicles.


the Android integration is visually and control wise exactly the same as iOS via usb. But the integration for specifically Spotify was unfinished. Exactly who is to blame for this is unclear but seems to be Spotify's fault not BMW's as all other third party android apps are still worki h fine


.. the theory seems to be a Spotify developer broke the integration completely following a routine app update. This then totally removed Spotify from the v list 

...of Connected Drive Classic apps visible I the android app screen. Not matter what bmw do after that, the situation can only be rectified by Spotify devs. The BMW Apps SDK demands that apps are signed by the publisher. The android app in the playstore previously was signed.

This is no longer the case.
(sorry for splitting into multiple posts - android touchscreen error lol


note the above only applies to android, and BMW Apps via USB connection to the car (built pre2017 and with NBT Professional unit with the Apps via USB option.


..furthermore, BMW had already completed USB Audio support via the AudioPlayer app designed in-house, and which still runs fine with full iDrive integration (album art, playlists, track selection all via iDrive and steering wheel.


Spotify need to sack their devs and start again.  


I cancelled my premium subscription of 2 years ... in protest at the situation and would encourage people to choose a competitor.


I'm also considering canceling Spotify Family subscription and moving to Google play music, as it actually enables you to search and browse music on idrive 4 using Bluetooth connection. (I believe this requires Android 9). There is still no album art but at least you can browse your playlists. And this works only by using Bluetooth features (no word BMW proprietary stuff) so I don't get why Spotify can't even give us that much.

Only downside would be that I really enjoy the Spotify Connect feature on my Yamaha avr.


To add to all this mess here, Spotify app doesn't even send metadata over Bluetooth anymore. This stopped working about a month ago and appears to affect all cars.

The one thing BMW Corporate hate the most is when their customers utter the word Tesla. Except in this case it's justified as ALL Tesla vehicles SINCE 2012 - have full Spotify integration - no phone needed !

The more people vote with their feet (and wallet) the better.

Hello all, 

I just thought I'd share my experience: I have an ID4 330d X from early 2016 and am using a Google Pixel 2 Android phone. I used to use Google Play Music and that was absolutely seamless aside the album artwork, which never worked. Yesterday, I moved over to spotify and I have this problem that a lot of you are talking about i.e. not showing a playlist and only one track, although can skip forward and backwards. 


As much as I loathe to, because I did like Spotify I have to go back to Play Music for simply being able to scroll through playlists on my windscreen. So IF this problem doesn't occur, same car, same phone, with Play Music but does on Spotify - it clearly is a spotify issue, and when they fix it, I could return. Kind regards, Alex





Just to let you all know, this afternoon I have tried all the apps I can think of, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Soundiz, Soundcloud and Amazon music. None of them work to let you look through a library but Play Music. I can upload some pictures if anyone wants...




pls check out this post: 

BMW states that this is definetly a Spotify problem.

Spotify spport only says "Yes we know and we're working on it"