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It would be really nice to have two small buttons added.


1) "www"-button, which instantly opens or switches to your web browser and searches google, bing or whatever about the band. i.e. If I click on the "www"-button of the band "Massive Attack" it opens my web browser with a search of "Massive Attack" in google. (maybe add the option to change the default search engine in the preferences)

2) "wikipedia"-button, which instantly opens or switches to your web browser to perform a search on wikipedia of the band. basically the same idea as the first button but with wikipedia.



If I'm finding new bands through Spotify, that I really enjoy, I often google them or read their wikipedia page while I'm listening to the band for the first time. These button features could also be used to instantly check if the band has more albums/tracks than listed in spotify or to find lyrics that aren't in the spotify app(s). 



Updated on 2019-03-25

Hey folks, 


Thanks for voting on this idea. 


Artists are now able to add Wikipedia pages to their Artist Profiles. It appears alongside their Social Media profiles on the about section:


Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 14.00.34.png


Artist's have to add the link themselves, so if you don't see one it's because the artist hasn't added it yet. 




All music guide link would be great. Spotify already uses their Bios.


Actually the Spotify Bios need quite a bit of work. Whatever the best option may be regarding where to find the artist information, I think music fans would like to find context to the music they are listening by learning more about the artists (stories, visuals, lyrics, etc.).


you can already kinda do this with the apps


Stories/visuals: Last.fm app


Lyrics: Lyrics Wiki

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Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it


Hello there, I just changed this idea status to "Good idea". We want you to know that we are here and listening. Working on all of your ideas.


While we can't comment on any potential partnerships, we can say we think this is a great idea. Oftentimes, partnerships take a long time to sort out, even if both parties are interested.

In the meantime, please watch this space for updates, we see a lot of folks love this idea.


Thank you all for your contribution here. 🙂

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Someone (perhaps I should give it a go) should just write an app.

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There is a spotify app that shows content of the wikipedia-page of the band chosen. Cant go deeper so if you want to go on looking at the discography or other linked stuff its not that way, but still cool app. Then the only flaw is apps don't work on mobile devices and other stuff like my denon receiver. But if you do that before other streamers get that idea you are at the top of the streamingworld 🙂 too many cool apps in Spotify. Funny they only can be used on computers. Kinda lame. But respect spotify team for listening to us 🙂
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"If you do that" means spotify apps in ipad and others... Ps. sorry bout 2 posts now. Didnt want to takeover thread, but cant find editbutton.

Love sportify, but would like access to discography (album, year, artist names in group etc). A link to wiki might be a good first step, but a more comprehensive integration would really differentiate spotify from mog and others.

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Keep the interface simple and actually replace the biography section with wikipedia. In terms of usefulness, Rovi reviews pale in comparison to a wikipedia pages. Use webkit to embed wikipedia into the spotify app itself.

Status changed to: Not Right Now


Hey everyone! As Rocio mentioned before, we can't comment on any potential partnerships, but we can say this is a good idea. We're marking this as "Not Right Now" but please continue to leave your kudos and comments here as always. Your feedback is appreciated here at Spotify!