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Better Search Engine

I love spotify and everything about it but the thing that bugs me and keeps a lot of my friends away from it is the search engine.

A big problem is that you have to get the name right literally while many times somebody tells you about an artist or album and you don't know the exact spelling. Spotify does offer suggestions but they are not so good. It would be far better if it would be more like Google where it searches for the literal words first and then parts of the words. That way its also easier to come into contact with artists you never knew since the results would be much more diverse since they are not limited to the exact wording but parts of it. 

The most important thing is to be able to find artists and the search engine is the most import tool to do that, I think its lacking a bit at the moment. 

Updated: 2015-11-17

Hey folks, we're ready to mark this ideas 'Implemented' as we have made many improvements to our search engine since the original post in 2012. We account for searches with a spelling error and we have a team constantly working to improve your search experience. If you'd like to see specific feature/ function in search please make a new idea in the Idea Exchange. Thanks!


It often happens that I want to create "playlists" with two to ten artists and as of now I have to do a search for each artist, drag all their albums (one by one) to a new temporary playlist and then play that list. It would really help if the search-functionality was extended with some more advanced options.


Take this as an example: I want to create a temporary playlist with all the tracks for artist In Flames and The Haunted. A search like: artist:"In Flames" OR artist:"The Haunted" will give me these two artist but also a bunch of other artist as well (ie. Venus In Flames). What I would like is some sort of basic regexp to really define my search to what I want so that I could do something like: artist:"^In Flames$" OR artist:"^The Haunted$"; to only match these artists. I'm not saying we need advanced regexp-support but some basic functionality would be great (there's no need for stuff like: artist:"^(In Flames|(The )?Haunted)$" etc).

Its frustrating that you cant search for exact matches. Fuzzy matching is good while exploring but when you know what you are looking for, its not.



I've been missing this since I started to use spotify. I just googled how to do this, being sure it had been implemented already. That's how I found my way here 🙂


There are a few times when I or a friend wanted to find a track, knowing the track name but nothing more. When you get a gazillion unrelevant results you just give up. Try finding the right song named "I am" when you don't know the artist. Though I'm sure that one would be a slight challenge even with exact match 🙂


Regex would be awesome but maybe a bit overkill.


I find it obnoxous that the searching, if not exact, doesn't yield results. Example. I searched for Deuce's "Let's get it Crackin" by searching lets get it cracking, and it doesn't find it. Searching needs to be fine tuned, it makes it annoying to find some big songs that should be instantly visible. I find it especially annoying when I can't find a song I bookmarked on Pandora on Spotify. 




please implement this as well for the filter on the library and local tracks.  It would allow for the creation of "smart" on-the-fly throw-away playlists, allowing you to quickly group a bunch of artists and play on shuffle.


not hard to implement a fuzzy search. Needs to happen.


sorry just let me get out my chisel and slate so i can show you the heirogliyphics i'm searching. or you could at LEAST have quotes for searches.


Quabescore - I've just moved your Idea over here, as it's already been suggested. Can you also keep your posts and titles a little cleaner. Offensive language is against the Community guidelines. Not cool.

Please implement search by music type!


Hello xintron, welcome to the community,


I´ve just merged your idea to this one since you are both suggesting a better search functionality, I have also added the kudos you got so both ideas are bigger now.


We will keep you posted on this matter.


Thanks 🙂