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Close Button Closes Spotify [Windows]

Or at least minimize it to a tray Icon. But I would say close it. Maybe this is more of an opinion, but I've only used 2 programs that are this bad. Skype and Spotify. And Skype is a really bad program.  So I don't know why in Spotify, the Close and Minimize button do the same exact thing. I would like a quick way to close the program and stop the musik.  This is mainly a problem for me on Windows 7 and I believe linux is very similar.


Hey everyone. This feature was implemented for Windows users in our latest update (1.0). You can read more about this update here. Thanks for your kudos and feedback here in the Idea Exchange. 


Please bring back minimize to tray. I don't want to have to open the whole window just to pause. This is a regression, you've removed functionality.


Another vote for giving users the option to minimise to tray on close, I generally have it minimised to the tray and either use right click, toastify  or mobile for control.


To be honest making the interface regress back to designs like napster, amazon or even WMP isn't ideal at least not for me. I can understand you need to keep the options menu as uncluttered as possible but changing functionality like this based on the whims of a few users without leaving the option behind for those who still use it is... well whatever.


Heck if you want to be progressive about it, have a right click togglable close button 'x' for close '-' for close to tray. 


As a side note I haven't used winamp in around 10 years but this change made me want to see where it's at these days.


It's been about a year since the last comment in this thread and this has yet to be adressed. The behavior of the X button is the first thing I check after each update 😄


Simply put : either give the user the option to chose the behavior of the X button ... or, do it like Steam : when clicking X, the program window closes and disappears from the bottom bar, but application stays active in the taskbar, keeps playing musing, and so on.


It's a very subjective thing, but for lack of a better word the current design makes the application feel fragile somehow.


 Aaaaand please ignore the above. I just learned that the option is available in the "advanced options" hidden by default.


They just don't learn.