[Daily Mixes] Save Daily Mix offline

Anyone else think spotify should make daily mixes offline? I know it uses alot of music but what if it doesn't need to download every song. There should be an option that allows you toggle between saving a mix offline that day. For example if you wanted to toggle it so it downloads, it will download the first 30 songs of the mix. But the only bad thing is that you will need to do it manually everyday.

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hi folks.

You can download Daily Mixes now, so for all intents and purposes that encompasses the core of this idea.

For that reason I've set this to Implemented.


I love this idea. The daily mix has already been so good! Its even better than my Discover Weekly playlist. I think if we can't have the Daily Mixes downloaded offline, we should at least be able to have it on our Desktop Spotify apps. I find myself listening to the Daily Mix at work, but my phone doesn't have WiFi at work, so if the Daily Mix could be added to desktop applications, that would be great!

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Given they I've never seen Spotify act on any user suggestion or complaint ever (look up the"epic collection dude" 10,000 song  limit for a particularly egregious example)  I don't have high hopes we're going to get anywhere here but here goes anyway...


Being able to save daily mixes offline would make the feature twice as good as it is. The obvious use case would be: running out the door to work, want to listen to something, don't know what, vaguely feel like something rock/pop/electronic, ah my rock/pop/electronic daily mix is already downloaded, bingo.


I would certainly prefer shorter (12 song?) mixes if it meant I could set them to automatically download for offline use.


I think it would be great to be able to download a daily mix list to play offline like on a plane or other similar situations


I find Mix 1 - Mix 3 are great but the higher ones not so much I'd even take the ability to download just three of them. I already sync daily just in case i don't have good wifi that day. 


There are two things that I would really like here.  I am finding the Daily Mix a really good mix of the type of music that I like listening to in different situations - thanks Spotify, this is a great feature.  But can you add two things that would increase the features value to me.

1. The ability to Download the daily mix as I can with any other playlist.  This is just a playlist that is automatically generated, so once it is generated I should be able to download it.  As the MVP type approach, as the mix is updated, I could just delete the old one and download the new.

2. Develop the download functionality to update the Daily Mix on a frequency basis to be determined by me (hourly, daily, x number of days, weekly, never) by synchronising the downloaded mix with the online mix, deleting the dropped tracks from the downloaded songs and then adding the ones that have been added.  This funcitonality would be really good around other playlists (such as the Release Radar playlist) that are updated on a regular basis.


I figured something out! On the iOS app, go to the daily mix, and scroll down repeatedly so that it adds more songs. Once it gets over like 90 songs, go to the top right menu and it lets you add it to a playlist. Choose to create a new one, then save it to offline! 🙂


As a daily 30 min commuter, I would like to have a daily mix automatically downloaded for offline listening,  so I can save data bandwidth usage costs and feel more confident I'll have a good, personalized variety of music for the ride. 


Daily Mix is a nice feature but pointless for me if I can't make it available offline.


Spotify needs to realise that not everyone lives in a city with 4g coverage. 


As Daily Mix continually adds tracks I can see why making it downloadable potentially problematic.


You should just be able to save the current state of a Daily Mix to a separate playlist (which you can download like any other) - irrespective of its current length (.


That way people who want to download their Daily Mix before they've listened to it can do that, as well as those who've found a sweet section beyond the refresh.


You trade off the ability to have the list continually refresh itself for the ability to download a 'frozen' Daily Mix you like. People on the move don't need to worry about the playlist devouring mobile/cell data because it's of fixed length and can be downloaded separately (i.e. when there's WiFi).