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[Desktop] Equalizer for the Desktop Version

There should be an Equalizer for the Desktop version of Spotify.


Since Spotify's mobile apps now have an EQ setting, this should be implemented on the desktop version, too!
The EQ should come with various presets but also the ability to save your own custom settings.

Updated on 2022-08-10

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that the Equalizer option is now available on desktop - and is gradually rolling out to all users over the next week. You will be able to play around and customize the sound of your music for a better listening experience by toggling your Equalizer on your computers.




Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Tossing in the comment just for my surprise at any desktop music player for any OS that doesn't have an equalizer.  1995?  I'd concede that it'd be a rather advanced feature.  2015?  Simply expected.


Unlike others, it has no bearing on whether I'd resubscribe.  (Going after Korean music labels instead of waiting for them to get around to contacting you?  Making it public that you're doing so, even if that's "not standard industry practice"?  But that's for another comment...)


In my opinion, this is a bad idea. As a sound engineer, I would rather EQ my entire system than just Spotify.


And you can! There's a program called Equalizer APO which you combine with a GUI plug-in for that program called Peace. Then you have a system-wide graphic equalizer. You can even completely edit the number of bands and the width, gain travel of all those.


The reason I would rather EQ the entire system, is that then you'd have the same results playing music from Spotify as from Apple Music, Google music, foobar2000, YouTube, SoundCloud, BandCamp etc etc etc. With a graphical EQ, you're also really compensating for your room, listening position and speakers or headphones, not the material playing. The material playing in Spotify is completely flat, just as it is from all the other sources above.


You don't want Spotify to stick out with another EQ curve, you want your entire system EQ-ed.


The reason why I think this is a bad idea, is because it doesn't quite match Spotify's obvious goal of being a very simple music player feature-wise. A graphical EQ is really an advanced feature, I think. And compare this viewpoint with that you shouldn't be EQ-ing your individual media players on your computer to begin with, then you have that Spotify really shouldn't have such a feature - all things considered.


I support the Spotify team here.


 This is an absolute must, especially for the desktop version on mac, as it's actually quite difficult to get an equaliser on the system itself. It would be really great to have one built into spotify as to avoid the hassle of trying to get one on mac.


Put all of your kudos on the top post. Power and strength in numbers, people. 


Put together an 8 hr playlist for a family reunion complete with edited and remixed offline content. 90% of the songs were perfect but the others had entirely too much base. I looked for 10 minutes on the fly and couldn't believe Spotify didn't have an EQ at all! I was frustrated and in shock. 


In my opinion, it is a no-go to not include an equalizer, especially if the sound of the music player is fairly bad. At the moment, I am not able to listen to metal songs in an adequate form. Even the youtube player sounds twice as good, and that runs with the browser!

I pay monthly to you and the current state is simply not acceptable.

And to bring out an update that disables a third party programm which made up for your huge defect is an extremly POOR move.


Since the competition is coming up strong now Spotify really have to respond to as basic needs from your users as a working equalizer. Even though it´s really surprising it´s not already implemented, since it´s a basic, must have feature, it is also something that makes users concider walking over to competing companys since it´s extremely important to get  a good sound (and this is a matter of taste) from your gear. And if Spotify doesn´t supply it, others with equally big music librarys do.


If this is a "popular request", why isn´t it implemented? And why can´t you just tell us that you are on it and give us a time frame instead of giving us the status 'Not Right Now'. It should be changed to "ASAP"!


I couldn't believe a top of the line music streaming service would ever release any player without an equalizer!  Smaller devices are the only devices I would even expect NOT to find an equalizer for conservation of memory space and save some proccessing power, BUT to not implement such a basic tool to a player from the beginings only reeks of Financial Motivation (which a hugh turn of)!


How the bloody hell isn't this a thing yet? We've all been begging for it for years!! Even a crappy 2002 winamp build has an equalizer. Srsly guys...


At work I'm stuck with terrible headphones, I need to be able to boost the bass to hear the music properly. The fact that they let us use Spotify at work is the biggest reason I signed up for a paid subscription.