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[Desktop] Option if Spotify links should open native Spotify app or Webplayer

Seems like Spotify keeps pushing this issue aside because not enough people are complaining about it. I've actually seen a good amount of posts on the community boards about it but none of them seem to have gained traction with the powers that be, claiming its a non-issue and the post gets closed. I disagree, wholeheartedly.


Please bring this option back! I don't use the web player... ever. And, I don't want to now have to start copying and pasting the links into spotify app. Call me lazy. The advanced settings used to have the option to have links open in the desktop app. But that option has recently disappeared. Seems like a very obvious and useful feature, and just strange to suddenly remove that functionality. 


My friends and I are always trading spotify links via text and emails and it's incredibly frustrating that it now doesn't automatically open in the desktop app like it used to. If I say pretty please, with a link to a cherry on top, would you consider this a legitimate request? 

Updated on 2021-02-11

Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback and suggestions on this one.


You should now have the option to open song links directly in the Spotify app!


Cheers 🙂


Hi everyone, and if you're new here to the community, welcome!


I've been seeing a few topics lately talking about how the web player is now the default for opening Spotify links, even if you have the option in the client preferences to allow it to be opened on.

Although I like the web player, I personally prefer the desktop client, so I would rather Spotify links still open in the client rather than opening in the web player.

There are workarounds for this, but it all seems a little too much just to do something simple.


So my solution would be to add an option somewhere that allows Spotify links to either open in the web player or open in the Spotify client itself.

Alternatively, just re add the ability to paste Spotify URLs in the search bar and for it to recognise them.


Let me know what you think!


Anthony 🙂

Status changed to: Up for Votes

This would be a nice feature.  I recently opened up a spotify link from a Facebook message, and it automatically played it in the web player.  I would have liked the option of playing it in the desktop player.


Yes please. I use the desktop player for a number of reasons (can pause direct from my keyboard, never lose the tab, stability, speed). Not being able to pick up my friends' links from Twitter and Facebook is really, really getting me down.


Understand there's a few hacks around but having an option to toggle would be fabulous.





Yes I Would Just Like To Add Duh Gah ... Hope That Helps In Your Decision Making Also If You Could Make It So That i Can Make A Spotify Playlist From My Turntable Fm. Playlists I Would Be Extreamly Greatful.

Maybe you could make the website recognize wether Spotify is running. Ift is running, the song opens it. If Spotify is not running, the song is opened in the web player.

Great idea.


I support this idea. Following numerous workarounds in place all I can get is the client to open but not redirect to the expected destination. A simple option needs to be added to allow for personal preference.


I support the idea as well. I got tired of waiting, so I created my own Chrome extension that converts all Spotify URLs to URIs (opening the link in the desktop app instead of web player). Take a look at it here.


Our resident community web team poster Dan also posted a solution to stopping links opening in the web player, without the need for an extention detailed here 🙂