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[Desktop][Podcasts] Add/remove podcast shows to your own playlists on the Desktop app

I like to add Podcast shows via the Desktop app to my playlist, so I can listen to them one after one. Right now, this is only possible with the iOS mobile App.

Why not for the Desktop solution? Since I have here a bigger screen and a broader perspective on all my podcast shows.

Updated on 2021-06-04

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this feature is now available on Desktop. 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


This is necessary for anyone who follows more than 15 or 20 podcasts. Sorting by most recent content does me no good. Having 76 followed podcasts in a single container is just dang difficult to manage. Many dont release every week so they filter further and further down. 

Castbox gets it. 

Please make this so. 


I see no reason why this could not have been implemented by now. What more needs to be done than to modify the current code for the "Add to Playlist"/"Remove from Playlist" menus so that it knows you're clicking a podcast track and have it send the info off to whatever api endpoint necessary? This should seriously have been a day one feature and I can't imagine what would take so long to get this implemented. Podcast playlists are a non-feature to me now. I browse podcasts on my computer. I'm not gonna switch over to my phone just to add the episode to a playlist.

Yes please, I need folders!!!


I'd LOVE this feature! I'm an avid podcast listener and I hate that they're all dumped into one not-very-manageable location. I'd love to be able to group them into folders of my choosing, just like my music.


Yes! As someone with a severe physical disability, swapping between devices just to add a podcast to a playlist wastes valuable energy! Would love for this to be implemented.


This would be a great addition. My user story is that I have a podcast with many seasons/series in one feed. I want to create a playlist of just that season. This would also let content producers share their completed works as playlists in a convenient format(i.e a Spotify playlist) driving more users to access the content via Spotify URLs.


As a workaround, someone could do this now, via mobile apps but it is painfully slow as you would have to do it one episode at a time.




 I was sure this was possible a couple weeks ago.  I could multi-select podcast episodes and add them to a playlist using the Windows Desktop app.  Am I mis-remembering?  Ah well.  PLEASE add this feature.  And please include multi-select. Adding podcasts one at a time via Mobile App is painful.


I would love to see this idea implemented too


Until then I suggest you to add the podcasts episodes through the Spotify Web App


This is a really needed feature, and I can't imagine it would be too difficult to implement. It would be a HUGE quality of life improvement to me and many other members of the community. Please look into this.


Up vote to this! Definitely need be able to add /reorganise podcasts in personal playlist on DESKTOP.