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[Desktop][Shows] Podcasts and Videos on Desktop

I'm really excited about the addition of podcasts on Spotify for mobile devices, but I wanted to listen to them on my work computer.  Do you have an estimate for when this will be available on the Desktop?

Updated on 2017-07-14

Hey folks! Starting with version 1.0.58, Desktop users will be able to find Podcast and Video in Your Library in the left navigation bar. 


I've been able to search some, but not all. So I'm not sure how many that I'm not able to see. I'd like to browse them as well...


What about iPad?


When will version 1.0.58 be rolled out for Linux? I can't play podcasts and videos in my recent version 1.0.49 - premium account


I love the addition of podcasts but it drives me crazy that I can only listen to them on 2 out of 3 (!!!!!!) applications that I use for Spotify. I cannot download unapproved apps onto my work computer and therefore I cannot listen to podcasts because I have to use the browser version of spotify. I would love to browse through the available podcasts and listen to something new, but I cannot afford to continually stream on my phone (no wifi at work) using the mobile app. It still blows my mind that I cannot access the same features across all 3 (seriously, why is it necessary to have 3??) platforms, especially when I am paying for this service. 


Please approve the MFCEO Project podcast! 


This is wrong or at least misleading.There is no "Your Library in the left navigation bar". Not on the browser version, which is what people use at work due to IT issues with installing 3rd party software.


There is only "Home" and "Your Music". On "Home", if you scroll right to the bottom (nicely hidden there Spotify, kudos!), it gives you "Popular podcasts right now" which gives you about 10 options. That's right, only 10 options from the entire spotify universe. Miserable...


Come on spotify, you already have the database of content, you have the search feature, you have the categories tags (as used on the phone), so get on with it and code this for the browser version! This is a day or 2 of work for a programmer and this is an ongoing frustration of the community. You're an innovative company, really? How are you not embarassed?..


This has been a frustrating process because if you are like me, IT prevents you from downloading the app to your computer. I have found a work around though if you have access to Google. Go to Google and search for the specific podcast you want and add on Spotify at the end.  The first link that comes up should be Spotify's version of that podcast.  If you click on that link it will open it up in the web version of Spotify for you. (ex: "Generation Why Podcast on Spotify") The first link is Spotify's link to that podcast. If you search in Google "Podcasts on Spotify" the link that appears will pull up the home page for podcasts. (  Hope this helps!

I can not find video section, just podcasts. I am using windows 10 and android 7 in Portugal


I still can´t find my podcasts on the desktop version....poor navigation.


I cannot believe it is possible to browse and search podcasts on android but not on my desktop.

Very unprofessional.

I´m returning to apple....