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[Desktop][Shows] Podcasts and Videos on Desktop

I'm really excited about the addition of podcasts on Spotify for mobile devices, but I wanted to listen to them on my work computer.  Do you have an estimate for when this will be available on the Desktop?

Updated on 2017-07-14

Hey folks! Starting with version 1.0.58, Desktop users will be able to find Podcast and Video in Your Library in the left navigation bar. 


Another vote here that I'd love to have podcasts in the desktop Spotify as it's my primary way of listening.

Status changed to: Under Consideration
Updated: 2016-08-10

When we have an update about this rolling out to Desktop apps we will post here. Thanks @rdoggsmokey!


I would love to see this aswell, many of my work collegues share the same oppinion.


Another voice for adding podcast to desktop


I listen to Spotify all day on my computer in the office. With the addition of this Metallica doc on Spotify Video, I NEED access for my desktop. Will stop me from turning on Netflix at lunch!


This wish from the community is over a Year old. This won't happen any time soon, mark my words.

Quick Edit:

I work with a Workaround since they released podcasts until this is released to Desktop. SO i thought I'd share my method:

Open Spotify on Desktop and start to listen to music.

Open Spotify on your mobilephone and wait for the popup that tells you desktop xy is listening, and select continue listening. 

Browse to your desired Podcast and hit play, you'll hear your podcast on your desktop now. 

So basically you use your phone as a remote control, works perfect for me for a long time now.


Hope this helps someone that didn't thought about this yet.


I would like to be able to access everything that i can on the mobile app on the desktop. Please consider making the two the same


Yes please, make the desktop version able to browse and subscribe to podcasts, the mobile interface is cramped and doesn't support custom URLs 😞


I would like to be able to pull podcast up easliy on my desktop. One way I've been able to play them is to find the on my phone then play a minute or so then go to the desktop and just continue playing it. Not the best but better than nothing


Great news.

Will Spotify ever include in the video podcasts 'live streaming' from music concerts that have been purchased on a PAYG basis or similiar? A little like cinemas often provide live performances on the Screen. Might be quite popular.