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[Discover Weekly] Prevent Duplicates in Discover Weekly Playlists

For the past month or so, I've had so many repeats of songs on my Discover Weekly playlist.  Now, I can count on 5-10 songs that I've had before on the playlist. 

Is there a way to mix up the algorithm?  Or maybe an option to eleminate songs that have been on the playlist before?

Updated on 2017-08-25

Hey @earthquakepanda you'll be happy to know the team behind Discover Weekly recently rolled out a fix for seeing duplicates in your DW. We're marking this as implemented, but if you continue to see duplicates please let us know. Thanks!


It's definitely not cost, I can tell you that - because services like will connect to your spotify account, and save your user listening history for free. For instance, exporting a total user listening history worth 18,000 different entries for songs as a CSV file takes up only 15 MB. That means less than 1kB of storage required per song - and that's assuming they're storing full names and text of song title, artist and album, instead of just a spotify song ID with date and time - which would be smarter, and is likely what they (should) do.

It's a bug, and spotify have acknowledged that it's a bug


If you want to "bug" them about it, you can add stuff to this post too:



This says implemented but they must have removed this feature because I keep getting songs added that I've definitely heard before from Spotify.