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Implement an actual shuffle function

Yes, you read that right.  The "shuffle" function in Spotify is nothing more than a randomizer.  There's a difference?  YES.


RANDOM - Play one song.  The next song can be ANY song in your playlist.  Including the one you just listened to.  Though I've never had this specifically happen, I literally just heard the same song that I heard 2 songs ago.  This is how Spotify's "shuffle" currently functions.


SHUFFLE - Take your entire list, shuffle them (like cards), and play the first song in the shuffle.  Once finished, move that song off the pile.  Once the pile is depleted, shuffle the deck again and start over (maybe pop a message up).


I know enough about programming (not much) to know that shuffling is probably a bit harder than random, but come on.  I may be in the minority, but I don't have a lot of little playlists.  I have one list with nearly a thousand songs in it, because I like all the music, and am rarely not in the mood for one of those songs.  But what I can't stand is hearing the same song over and over again.  I think there may even be songs in my list I haven't heard yet, while I've heard others 4-5 times.


I know it may not matter much, but I would probably lay down the money for at least a year subscription if this feature was implemented.


EDIT: Another user pointed out that I can see what all is queued up in my shuffle by clicking the Play Queue link, and that Spotify supposedly sets up a rolling shuffle of 50 songs.  It would be nice if this range could be expanded to say 50-100% of your playlist.


EDIT 4/6/12: I just dealt with the same song 16 tracks later.  The song played the first time yesterday afternoon.  I went home, listened for a bit on my home PC (just a few songs), then started listening again this morning.  If the list recycles itself after a day, or if you log in from another computer, I see that as an area for improvement.

Updated: 2016-02-05

Hey folks, we have made some improvements to our shuffle algorithm that we are turning on as a default for all users. We'd love your feedback on how your shuffle experience changes after today (Feb 5, 2016). Thanks for your feedback, your comments are essential to helping us improve Spotify. 


Update Aug 2018:

Hi folks, it sounds like quite a few of you are experiencing only the top tracks in a playlist shuffling/ playing when using Connect. This has already been reported here.


We’ve given a transparent status there explaining there isn’t a current timeline for a fix. Please do leave a VOTE there if you’re experiencing the issue and a comment. We can then bring this information back internally to show the size of the issue for our users.


If however you are experiencing issues with Shuffle when not using Connect, please get back to us in this thread we've the questions we've listed and click +VOTE. Thank you! 


I'm sad to see so many people are having this problem with no fix in sight.


I really enjoy using Spotify and have been paying for a couple months now but I don't know how much longer I can go with the shuffle issue.


I listened while in the shower the other day and I think I skipped through the Pearl Jam shuffle play like 40 times because I kept getting the same 3-4 songs from the most recent 2 albums over and over again. It was super frustrating.

Welcome to the club. I don't even use Spotify any more because of it. This thread falls on deaf ears. Whoever monitors these forum do nothing. If upper management finds out they are covering up, it will end their job.

I just sent a direct mail to them after a long search to see if we can speak directly with them.


I invite everyone to use this link and harrass them: (I just got this url from the French website, and I guess it will adjust according to the country you write from). In the mail you can cut/paste examples of customer feedback, and of course you want to threaten them about leaving the (so called) service.

I tweeted at their support account and they had just linked me to the old 2014 article about their shuffling algorithm
Well give them a message. It doesn't work
Just replace the fr in the link with USA for English

The original poster of this topic needs to update the main post. It's written as if a solution was found and decreases the likelihood of Spotify taking this issue seriously.


Little update on my end: I cancelled my Spotify subscription because this Shuffle issue has been constantly ignored. I have over 1000 playlists and have easily spent 100's of hours using the service and have been compelled to quit because this one overlooked feature/bug makes the entire application useless.

I want a refund for all the time I wasted on this useless platform.


Spotify have the resources to fix this in an afternoon! 


Also, it doesn't help that this issue (this thread) is considered (marked as) solved. I'm guessing spotify and over-looking it now. Purhapse a new thread should be posted on shuffling. I suggeset focusing on the '50 song' issue. 


Anyone agree?


I agree with those who don't like repeat songs. It would nice to see shuffle have an option of favoring songs that have not been played in a while. I have very large playlists also and I am sure that there are songs that never even get played. Very annoying.