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Integrate HTML5 with

With the new Xbox one coming out and it not supporting flash, I believe Spotify needs to revamp their site to support HTML5 also, flash is a bit old, isn't it? I think this will greatly improve the experience on the site as well. <br><br>Thank you.

Updated on 2017-11-10

Hey everyone! We can confirm this very popular idea is now fully implemented.  The new Web Player uses HTML5 technologies solely. Thanks for your continued feedback in the Idea Exchange!




This issue is addressed here, as stated it seems to be more of a legal issue then anything else 🙂 But i agree, flash is more on the way out at this point.


See but the thing is that Pandora and Rdio both allow HTML5 on their browsers, so why would Spotify have any trouble with legality issues?

I'm honestly considering switching to Rdio at this point.


@Stigmata because Spotify need to uphold agreements with their partners. There's probably a clause that states all transmitted music must be very encrypted, including on client's machines.


Pure HTML5 probably wouldn't be able to do this encryption, hence the flash player.


Note, that this is a pure guess and is probably wrong 😉




That would be a shame if that is true. It looks like I will be moving my business somewhere else, unless we can get someone from staff to reply and tell us if we can get this in progress or not.


Support HTML 5!

Support HTML 5!
Status changed to: Up for Votes

I think the main cause for them using Flash, to my mind, is to prevent mobile browsers from being able to access streaming music. Access to Spotify on mobile devices is part of the premium package they offer so if someone was able to get into the section from their phone then theoretically they could listen on the go without paying.


I think that would explain why Pandora and Rdio offer HTML5 solutions because they don't have such a restriction on their service. Unless someone knows different?


I know this thread is over a year old, but is PURE ASININE that Spotify does not support HTML5.

I'm so happy that ADOBE CANCER is gone...I've ripped off my machine.
Anywebite not 21st century enough to offer this. I won't use them
(never installed Silverlight)

XBOX (as of 6/2014 Supports HTML5)

GEE WHIZ the World's Largest Gateway of Video's (YouTube) HTML5 compliant. .Adobe is D.O.A., finally

"Pure Provoiders" (like Netflix)---dropped that TRAIN WRECK Silverlight. And others dropping Adobe.
Going to full support to HTML5----Netflix very judicious....Studios scared, so baby stepping them through it.



IRONY=Netflix is doing a very soft roll out on Chrome/Chrome Book/LINUX of all thing. Hope everyone see's the *TELL* in that one.
Apology, hate using CNET as a source, but rolled me there.

This required adoption of a new device security model that works with the emerging HTML5 Web Cryptography API.  It would have been very challenging to integrate this new model into our original architecture due to poor separation of business and security logic.
(yes, they have DRM-esque support) *CLEARLY* content providers will never deploy until proof.

Even *MORE* SAD Tragic Irony---this was April 2013



Blind pig could tea leaves this.
Linux (Chrome/Chrome Book first) Purely to see what end arounds the hackers/Pure Geek Elites will do to circumvent protections.


What baffles me even more. From an "Orwellian" aspect. Gives a LOT more *OPEN SOURCE* flexiblity for Spotify

Only thing I can think is Spotify is so tightly Integrated with Facebook. (aka-"in bed with").
Spotify can't "move"  (since Facebook is "dumping it" *shaking my head*)

Lack of HTML5 is why I quit all Spotify.
Cannot deal with the Spotify Client Install player (forcing me to be a Peer and a Peer in *GB* FASHION)

I suggest MOG (especially since Apple is buying Beats Music and Apple is HTML5 compliant in Safari.

I suggest
(wait for Apple with MOG--and other jumps to AAPL, figured out)

Rest of Top 10

1. Grooveshark
3. Pandora


PS. Since is playing Politics at the cost of HTML5 user experience

Chek out Cam Designs "Vdeo for everybody":. Pretty slick

RE: ----PROOF (not conspiracy) If you switch to HTML5 (force HTML5 if available)

A lot of videos will "Hang" about 5-secon mark. Erros with "Want to know why performance is slow" click here

It opens you're Provider.

Funny, it *NEVER* locks up if you choose (testing) *NOT* to skip the Advertisement, works just fine.
Also, if you simply click "open"--(the "Why")==Focus that window for 1-=second---Jump back to Window Focus--the "Hang" stops--about 5-seconds play starts.

*MAGICALLY* the video plays perfect....Go Figure

All "Net Neutrality" posturing.