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[Language] Catalan Translation

UPDATE: It's finally here!!! Spotify in Catalan! Thank you all! Meanwhile, I will wait to close the idea until all app versions (including Desktop and Web) are available in Catalan. Thanks!




It's been a while since Spotify has become a mass service used here in Catalonia. For years, different users have asked if it would be possible to have the different Spotify apps available in Catalan, our language.


It's not hard to have the desktop apps (Win, Mac, Linux, Web) and the mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows Phone...) translated into Catalan. A lot of other services and apps have included Catalan years ago (services and products from Google, Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla... already include it).


We understand that Spotify AB has enough resources to translate their apps and services to Catalan. Why Belgians, Canadians and Swiss can have the apps in two different languages and in Spain there is only one option? Why people in Andorra don't have the option to choose their official language, Catalan?

Updated on 2023-01-25

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that Catalan is now available on mobile, desktop and web player! 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better.



I have been subscribed to Google Play Music for over two years, the only thing that has keept me from switching over to Spotify has been that catalan laguage isn't an option, unlike in Google Play Music and Youtube Music. Please take this suggestion into consideration.


There is a lucrative market for services in Catalan, and nobody that is serious would put it into question.




A topet!


Hem arribat als 250 vots en menys de 48h!




Hem de seguir fent córrer la veu. Envieu la proposta a familiars i amistats! Que voti tothom! Hem d'arribar a 500 abans de setembre!


Buah, ja estem més a prop de tenir Spotify en Catala!👏


Please take in consideration the rights of the Andorra citizens.


Ja tenim 300 vots! En necessitem 200 més per assegurar que Spotify prengui en consideració la proposta! Després n'haurem de seguir recollint, però tindrem més temps i al setembre ja tindrem menys gent de vacances.


No parem i fem pujar els vots fins als 500 abans d'acabar l'agost!


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