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[Mobile] Multi-Select Add/Remove Songs from Music/Queue

Make the Ability to select multiple songs at once and Removed/Add From Music and Add or remove to/from queue using the swipe feature


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Updated on 2021-01-25

Hey folks,


Thank you once more for requesting this.


We can confirm that, together with the option of clearing the whole queue with one button, the following options should also be available (both on mobile and desktop):


  • Add selected songs from the Next From to the Next In Queue sections in your Queue
  • Remove selected songs from the Next From as well as the Next In Queue sections in your Queue


Friendly reminder to make sure both your device's operating system as well as app's version are fully up-to-date in order to make the most of the latest Spotify features 🙂


If you're interested in the option to add/delete multiple songs at once even outside the queue or Next From section, take a look at (and give your +VOTE to) this Idea.




This isn't available anymore.