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[Mobile] Add / Delete multiple Songs at once

I would like to have a checkbox system for adding/deleting multiple songs at once. It is very time consuming to do them individually.

Updated on 2018-09-17

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This needs to happen! Seems such a simple idea. Only gripe I have at the moment with the mobile app...
. We need to make a setting to tap multiple select, if in the long press menu it said multiple select then it would start single tapping to multiple Select, then you would long press the last item to go back out of multiple select mode by choosing a command to apply to the multiple selection. another simple thing would be to add a setting to decide what single tap Does. Right now single tap on a song starts playing the song, if we could change it for instance I want single tap to add to play queue so I can select multiple items quickly for a long drive

Please implement this!!! It is SO tedious making long playlist and having to add songs individually.

I totally agree!! First of all, I am one of the most frugile folks ever so if I am paying for a subscription to something, I want it to be as functional as possible. Secondly, I absolutely love music so my library is pretty diverse. Thirdly, I work for a phone company and recommend this app because you can do so much with it but this is tedious!! I'm serious, this is annoying.

I joined this forum just to give this idea kudos, and to beg the developers to add this necessary feature. Please...add it people! 


Please, Please, PLEASE, PLEASE make this happen ASAP!. It is such a basic thing to be able to do and would increase the quality of your product so much more than all this Connect stuff you spend time developing. 









amen! please make this happen!