[Mobile] Add / Delete multiple Songs at once

I would like to have a checkbox system for adding/deleting multiple songs at once. It is very time consuming to do them individually.

Updated on 2018-09-17

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Oh c'mon guys, there is not a check box yet... We are in 2018! Introduce this feature it should be the first thing if u give the opportunity to create a playliata u have to give the opportunity to manage them. What are the developers doing?


This is the most annoying thing about Spotify.  It's so basic that I assumed it must exist and I just couldn't figure it out.  But no, they acknowledged it as a good idea years ago and then did nothing.  Which only has me wondering what the benefits of not implementing this could possibly be because I can't think of any

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Spotify is suffering from the same issue that Microsoft used to suffer from... where the engineers *think* they know better than the customer. This list is obviously largely a placebo since Spotify doesn't even bother replying. It's sad really. As a bit of trivia, an a very old version of Spotify, you could select all the songs and cut and paste the list! You could even cut and paste them into notepad and back them up! Each entry looked like this (e.g., this is Tina Turner - Let's Stay Together!):

Could even be done with a long press instead of check boxes... Similar to email apps


Yeah this really needs to be implemented asap..so many other apps do this as standard. 


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Finally someone on my wavelength. Great Idea
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Please implement this ASAP!

Thanks & cheers


This is so important, it is so hard to create good playlists on phones, and its sad that it is taking so long for this idea to come to fruition.

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This definitely needs to get implemented.


I have a friend who does not typically use a computer--so this feature would be hugely beneficial to folks like him who primarily use Spotify with their phones.


I see someone already suggested this idea I came here to suggest. Please add to this checkbox system, I keep my library very organised sometimes I add /remove the same song in 4 different playlists and I have to do repetitive steps for each playlist, time consuming.