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When I play games with friends, I often use discord for voice communication. We use the built-in bots that are really glitchy and often cause latency in-game. The bot simply looks up the song on youtube and plays the top result, which could be occasionally the wrong song. I really wish that Spotify will add support for discord. And by using the system for parties, we can have friends queue up songs and DJ without the laggy and annoying bots.

Updated on 2019-03-01

Hey folks,


Spotify integration with Discord is now available. You can check out the details on how to sync your accounts here:


Happy Listening!

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Updated: 2016-09-29

Marked as new idea.

Same this is a amazing idea and i have been looking for a working solution for ages

I would love to use this feature!!!

Hate crappy youtubes bot on discord.


Here's an image I made related to the subject, potential ideas? Spotify and Discord.png


 Yes please!! I need this.


Would love this 🙂



would be nice to host one i would try this one    but i cant get all the stuff needed to make it run i have all but the

  • pyspotify

Please do this Spotify. This is badly needed

if someone can get that discord bot to work then we have a spotify discord
bot i belive

Maybe we should post this on reddit or something to get more views? 

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