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[Partnership] Add Sign-in with Google for Existing Spotify Users

Thanks, Spotify, for adding a Sign-in with Google button option. However, only new Spotify users creating a new account can currently use this feature. There is no current way to port over an existing Spotify account with all its great listening history and fine tuned song preferences into a new Spotify account. This leaves existing Spotify users with the only way to use this feature being to create a brand new Spotify account. Could you extend the Sign-in with Google feature to prior existing Spotify accounts, so that every Spotify user who wishes to can use it?

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that you can now add your Google login to an existing Spotify account. More info on this here.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Spotify it’s been now over a year since we had an update that this is now a “Live Idea”. Can we have some sort of update or roadmap or timeline, anything to determine if this is a quality-of-life feature that you will support?


Frankly terrible experience on Spotify's part. This current implementation is very half-assed, especially considering other services like Apple ID do allow you to link to Spotify post-account creation. Also bad for security for those who want to link everything securely to a Google account


I too vote for this. Being a legacy member (Since 2017) and in the IT community looking to secure up accounts linked to my Google account with plans to remove Facebook, and found out this is not an option, and apparently one of the few companies left out there that don't support this feature.


Based on how long this has been out there, and all companies out there that have this, I'm actually surprised this is still an issue. I upgraded to an android head unit, and if what I'm hearing is true that this works for even Apple, I know the majority of the stakeholders are and I'll need to look elsewhere for my music fix.


Seriously, are we working on his or not, and is there an ETA?


It is kind of ridiculous this isn't an option still. I'm guessing your database has a users table with individual columns for the google, apple, facebook, etc signin tokens/ids. There's no reason why they shouldn't all be able to be linked on a single user row like every other application. Linking them is pretty trivial for google and facebook since you can use the same email. Apple of course has to be difficult with their own id system, but even that is literally only one extra flow that could be in account settings. With the crazy amount of income your company has, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to have this implemented by a single developer and designer within 2 weeks (we did it in 2 days for our application).


What I'd like to do is MOVE from email to google, so nobody can use my email login after I've chosen to move to the google login.


Also: bonus points if you automatically check whether the email address which the account was registered to is actually the email address belonging to the google account which is trying to log in.


Would very much love to have this feature as well to move away from Facebook and use my Google account. 


I think the problem here is that Spotify has incorrectly marked this as a new idea. It is actually a bug that was reported two years ago. You are able to use Google to authenticate but not able to connect your Google account to your Spotify account, which may have existed before their Google integration or the user simply may not have known about the feature. In either case, their solution is to create a second account that authenticates via Google. So if you have a device where you are logged into your Google account (Android phone, chromebook, etc), you use your Google-auth'ed Spotify account. And, when you are on an IOS device (or other) you use your not-Google auth'ed Spotify account. This seems like a bug to me. The industry standard is to allow users to connect their accounts. It is unclear why Spotify would discourage people having multiple accounts- especially if there is no way to connect them via metadata, short of assuming that people do not use multiple accounts on a single device. In this way, it seems like it would be hard to figure out how many users Spotify actually has at any point in time. In wildest dreams I cant imagine how this bug would be hard to fix. It must be conscious policy decision.


Guys, this issue was reported almost two years ago, and the issue is hardly unique to Spotify.

Can we please have some kind of update here on if this is even scheduled for a rollout any time soon?

I volunteer for beta testing.

Hard to beta test when they have no desire to implement it. It is really
terrible when a company doesn't listen to its customer base for critical
features that pretty much every other platform offers.

log in with google in old accounts PLEASE !!