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[Playlists] Limit Editing Access in Collaborative Playlists

This problem has already been addressed in other ideas quite a few times, so I'll make it brief. At the moment, anyone can edit a collaborative playlist. There are numerous ways to solve this, e.g. granting the creator the right to put people on blacklists or whitelists. Another easy fix that might be a separate link for the creator to share only with persons who shoud be able to add and delete song! It would already help a lot 🙂

Hey everyone!

We're happy to announce that you will soon have new options for managing collaborative playlists - they are rolling out to everyone over the coming weeks.

Users will have the ability to review who currently has access to individual playlists, share collaborative playlists with large public groups, or keep them small and private for that special tightly-knit group of friends.

You will be able to:
  • Pick your favorites. As a playlist creator, you can now invite or remove users from collaborating on your playlists, meaning there’s more control over who has access to editing the content you love.
  • Share privately. You can now set your collaborative playlists to private, so no one can view, search, listen to or share a playlist– except for those chosen few who have been invited or given collaborative access.
  • Change your mind? At any given time, a playlist owner has the power to see, add and remove who gets to collaborate and follow their playlists.
For details on how the feature works, see:

Because of this change, this other idea is also being implemented. 

If you don't see this yet, don't worry. Just make sure to keep your app up to date and it should be available for you soon. 

Thanks for giving us your feedback in the Community.

The one thing I am most worried about is that Spotify will never implement this essential quality of life improvement. The way they currently work, they are practically useless because bots will eventually ruin your whole playlist 😞


A small group of friends and I tried to create a collaborative playlist with the express intent that it would create recommendations based on the songs WE added. When ANYONE can add ANY song, it kind of ruins the premise. How was a collaborative playlist by invite only not a prioritized feature on your roadmap? Seems like a terrible oversight that has yet to be addressed. I hope it's the next story in your backlog! That 2021 Wrapped feature isn't as meaningful if people can hijack your playlists!


I think the best solution to this issue is to add options to the following permissions. 

  • Who can add songs 
  • Who can delete songs
  • Who can arrange songs

The options could be something like these (anyone, friends, whitelist, only creator) or maybe even an option for a private link which gives permissions. I would like anyone who wants to to be able to add songs to my playlists without being whitelisted, but I do worry that some spammer will delete songs off of it, or the entire thing.

  • Also there really should be an option in the report feature for accounts who spam playlists.

Absolutely agreed with all those that believe this should have been out of the box. I’ve had too many rogue users come into a list purely to troll and drop polar opposite vibes and tarnish the flow. None sense.


A spin on the whitelist blacklist idea = Invite Only collaboration vs Public Collaboration. Provide both options. Problem solved without outcasting anyone’s preferences 


please! i've had to completely turn off my collaborative playlists because if i leave it like that, bots will add weird songs and when i delete them they keep getting added. i wish they would make it so that only people you send the link to can edit, the way google docs is set up. i hate having random people be able to add to or delete songs off of playlists i carefully curate.


It would be great if you could block someone from editing a playlist, if not make it possible to invite specific people to participate.


An EDM "artist" called pesukone has dozens of bots that relentlessly add music to my collaborative playlists. Collaborative playlists are such an amazing feature but having to delete the spam songs almost ruins them. There's no option to report the artist or bot accounts for spam either- It's so bad that when you search the artist's name other users have made playlists referring to the spam.


Please fix this!!

im one of those people who publicly make collaborative playlists so that random people can add. my idea is so that we can turn off the function of deleting songs but still allowing people to add songs.


Hi!! Spotify this is ridiculous and seems like a huge flaw in your application! I’ve just noticed the same issue on 2 of my collaborative playlists that my husband & I have spent years crafting**bleep** weird songs added by a bot and user we don’t know, and lots of songs deleted, with no way to control who is able to collaborate to your work playlist?! Seems like you guys haven’t done any decent updates on Spotify.. what are you guys doing over there?! This seems like a pretty serious issue / defect that you should fix ASAP , otherwise feels like to me it’s a waste of time paying premium for. 


Following on from the previous post… we’ve got the same issue as eeedana - songs from an artist Pesukone are rife through our playlists and I’m pretty sure songs of ours have been deleted. No way to stop this person - please help!! 


My friend and I had a playlist where we added over 7 hours worth of songs and at first some randoms started spamming the list with their own music and later they deleted ALL the songs we had added. 7 hours, all gone. It's impossible to believe that this has not been fixed yet. We were both googling with my friend, trying to find how to do this since we were so sure that it was our mistake and that we just did something wrong but no, somehow it's still not a thing on Spotify. Would think that if you wanted to make social features in an app like this, this would be the first thing you'd be doing. Safe to say we're not making a new list before this is fixed.