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Please, base the recommendation on the music I listen!

I'm not interested at all in the general recommendations of mainstream artists you promote, please create recommendations on the user preferences: that will make more likely to discover new music we'll like and PURCHASE it!! 

Thanks to recent improvements in Discover, we now send recommendations tailored specifically to your music tastes. We've added new features like the ability to "Like" stories in Discover to improve recommendations even further. Follow folks whose music taste you enjoy and check out Discover to get even better recommendations. Enjoy the music!

I completely agree.

However, for me the recommendations were based on my listenings or something (before today). I checked "What's new" many times during the last months and found some nice music.


Today after logging into Spotify it has changed, though. No more recommended albums, just albums from the Top list. I hope they will fix this asap. Giving recommendations from the "Top list" doesn't even make sense, because why would you use Spotify if you want to listen to the Top list music. You can hear that crap everywhere anyway.


You're right, no sense at all!  If at least we could eliminate the top list recommendations from the front page... It would be a relief! It's just another way of posting adds, and I thought I'd get rid of adds with a premium account... Not even personalized? I think spotify can do that! 😉






I guess the reason ist, spotify gets money from record companies for placing these albums there. Some kind of advertising or something like that. Spotify could easily place better recomendations there.


I agree as well, I listen to underground extreme metal and punk, the chances of me listening to One Direction or Labrinth are slim to none, why not recommend me something new I might actually buy.  Even if a record company has paid for these albums to be there surely it's pointless paying for them to be on someone 'personalized' what's new page who will never have an interest in them? 


I'm in the same boat s JaymzDead - most of the ads I get are for one direction, despite that I generally listen to music along the lines of Slipknot / Avenged Sevenfold.  Something doesn't add up there.

Status changed to: Watch this space
We're making some changes to the Spotify service all the time, and one of these changes is to allow users to better discover music. You might have already experienced this with Radio - but now we hope to take that a little further. You can read more about our changes to how to discover music right here -

This is a legitamate PROBLEM with spotify. Not only are the recommendations completely out of line with my taste, but for weeks now, Ive had an album cover with a stripper in a thong on the What's New page. I'm really sick of looking at it. I'm a premiulm member. I pay every month and I should be able to remove items fom this list. As a developer,  understand how simple this should be and there is no excuse except for neglect. It's clear how many people are upste about this. Why not fix it?

Problem solved with new discover tab, listens to music played around you and not just through spotify this can be on the radio at work, it then identifies the song and throws a close matching recommendation in. Also asks if you would like to add the song to your playlist = GENIUS !!! Spotify we love you 🙂
1.It would be good to search song in native language by typing song title in different languages, for example. Russian songs using cirillic. 2. Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian songs: only few songs i found which are originated in these countries. Please enhance spotify library with songs of these countries.
Thank you for such fantastic music tool! 🙂 really like it.