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[Podcasts] Push Notification for new Episodes

All of us Podcast lovers would definitely welcome a push notifications for new podcast episodes. Please consider! 

Updated on 2021-08-25

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that we've implemented New Episode Notifications and they're now available on iOS and Android mobile devices only.


How will New Episode Notifications work?
Starting August 17th, a Push Notification will be sent when a Show that users subscribed to releases a New Episode. Users won’t receive notifications for Episodes that they have already listened to.


How do I subscribe to New Episode Notifications?
From mobile, users can subscribe to receive notifications using the Bell icon on the Podcast Show page. If a user hits the Bell, they will automatically Follow the Show too. Users can also subscribe/unsubscribe by navigating to Notification Settings in the Spotify app, and selecting notification Settings, which displays all their followed Shows and subscription status. 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


I really want to continue using Spotify for podcasts, but without features like these its making it very hard.


Haven't listened to JRE in ages because I don't know who the guests are or when the episodes come out. What a damn disaster this is.


Does it really take *check notes* over 3 years to add push notifications to the app for when there's a new podcast episode? If you really want people from other platforms to move over to this one, Spotify really needs to ensure essential features like notifications (which bring them back into the app) are working.


Adding things like a comments section for podcasts (which is YouTube's huge advantage) would also be great, but seeing that it takes 3 years to get new episode notifications, I can tell that things like that are sadly a long way off


Wow, use Spotify 100% for podcasts but without this feature I’m considering switching - I miss episodes of my favourite podcasts all the time and I was shocked it didn’t have a notifications for podcasts when other apps etc. have it as standard. 


I've found a bootleg solution to get push notifications for Joe Rogan new podcasts. Just install app PodBean and follow Joe Rogan experience podcast. It INSTANTLY uploads there his podcast too as soon as it's up on Spotify. And on PodBean you can enable push notifications. I still use Spotify for watching his podcasts because it's a bit more convenient. Also sometimes new JRE podcasts on Spotify dissapears for couple hours and then reapears for no reason (good example is recent Brendan Schaub episode) but on PodBean once the pod is up it never dissapears. 


Surely you can ask a couple of employees who listen to podcasts how they find the experience? I have to come to the app, find the podcast I want to listen to, and check to see if there are new episodes available. Having a stream or area in the app with your followed podcasts and showing unplayed episodes with notifications is what you need to get me to switch from apple podcasts. It's such a pain that I can't listen to JRE elsewhere but you offer a substandard experience. Not a good way to get people to make the switch. 


C'Mon! We need this!


I'm sick of it waiting for such a basic feature. Bye Spotify. Stop resting on your marketshare!


I need that for sure! It is great idea to be alert pf new episodes. Other podcast apps already set yo

this option and it si amazing


i want notifications about my podcast. I am missing out on when podcasts are being released!! my food and drink podcast has released episodes that I had no idea they released!!