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ROKU with Spotify?

New to the forums but not new to Spotify. Recently I was at my brothers house and he had his Roku fired up with Mog and I have to say it was awesome! I argued the Mog vs Spotify with him for about an hour and it was a stalemate however the Roku argument he won hands down. I have looked through the forums briefly and have onyl found a few larthargic ways to add Spotify to the Roku.


I have read on some user groups that Spotify has plans to build an app for the Roku but they don't have a date or time frame. Does Spotify have an official announcement to bring there service to the Roku? I would like to know, if not I am seriously considering a switch.


I use my Roku with Pandora (which I can't stand) and to be able to use my playlists via the Roku would be the kicker that I believe would put Spotify over Mog and best of all I can tell my brother to shup up.






Hello folks, good news!!


This is implemented now!


Check out more info here


Enjoy it!


I have been waiting... and waiting... and waiting... its sad that spoitfy is not on Roku.   It's just making me look for other options out there, but I would wrather deal with spotify, especally sense I am a paying member! 


I check daily, keeping my fingers crossed they have added the support. There is a work around to get spotify to work on the roku. I can stream a Mp3 stream from my PC and there are a couple of mp3 streaming players out there for the roku. 


Please, please, please get Spotifyh on Roku!


I am also waiting for this to happen. It should definitely increase adoption rate.


When will there be a spotify roku channel?


Hey guys I've just merged some ideas together on this to keep the discussion in one place. I think some votes may have got lost (still new to all this) but you should just be able to add the kudos again.


In terms of the Idea itself I'm sure it's quite possible. Though I don't have any news to report regarding developments yet. So for now, keep an eye out and your fingers crossed.


Really  like my Roku. Hooked up a PC to my stereo to have spotify.

Would love to have spotify on my Roku instead of the loud and noisy PC


The only reason that I haven't picked up Spotify Premium is because there isn't support for Spotify on the Roku.  Come on, Spotify, in an age where we're looking to 'cut the cord' on cable TV and move to a streaming environment, putting Spotify in the mix of applications would be a natural move. 


So let's see it!


I love Spotify and I am a premium member. Spotify has restored my curiosity to discover new music. I love Roku. I am a paying member of Hulu, Netflix, and many other services. I would love to see Spotify on Roku. I would love to be able listen to my playlists and explore new music on my Roku. It is convenient to have all of my media accessible from one place. It is also nice because my sound system is connected to my Roku. I hope Spotify on Roku is in the development plan! If not, it should be! Just my 2 cents.


I just got a ROKU becuase at best uit looked as if it was available and now I set it up and no Spotify. Serioulsy bummed. I have a premium account and want it on Roku! Come on Spotify!