ROKU with Spotify?

New to the forums but not new to Spotify. Recently I was at my brothers house and he had his Roku fired up with Mog and I have to say it was awesome! I argued the Mog vs Spotify with him for about an hour and it was a stalemate however the Roku argument he won hands down. I have looked through the forums briefly and have onyl found a few larthargic ways to add Spotify to the Roku.


I have read on some user groups that Spotify has plans to build an app for the Roku but they don't have a date or time frame. Does Spotify have an official announcement to bring there service to the Roku? I would like to know, if not I am seriously considering a switch.


I use my Roku with Pandora (which I can't stand) and to be able to use my playlists via the Roku would be the kicker that I believe would put Spotify over Mog and best of all I can tell my brother to shup up.






Hello folks, good news!!


This is implemented now!


Check out more info here


Enjoy it!


It's really very misleading to have this status as "implemented" when it's been disabled for 4-5 months now. ( It was honestly never that great to begin with, but it was better than nothing now..!)  I was more likely to use Pandora on my Roku, with my actual Home Entertainment system/ speakers/ TV etc. although I did also like using my Spotify when it was available. If they don't get the Roku app working very soon, I'm seriously very ready to cancel "Premium". I've been giving them my money for too long, time to switch to Pandora Premium .  Free Pandora works just fine on my Roku..! I'm paying for Spotify but can't use it how I want, I've been so annoyed w/ this Roku issue dragging out for Many Months now - between that & the issue of the limit on music... (SERIOUSLY, I'm so sick of the dumb "Epic collection friend " msg.) Not my friend, you take my money - a lot of it - and I get very little in return.  NO Matter how much stuff I remove/ unsave, I still can't save new stuff?! Just makes No sense. FIX YOUR STUFF PPL. Thanks for reading, suggestions appreciated. Am I just missing something?