[Search] Bring back Advanced Search

Status: Implemented

Up until recently, users were able to refine their search by using advanced options which are, sadly, no longer available.

I'm a musicologist, and small features such as being able to search by record label are quite important for me, as it should be for anyone who is not just a passive consumer of music! If you also believe that we need this feature back, support this thread.

Updated on 2018-09-24

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We're happy to confirm that Advanced Search is now available on Mobile and Desktop. 

For example, searching by 'year:', or 'label:'.


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Yes it is great that the advanced search feature is back and thank you very much Spotify for giving attention to what people need/want. 

But on the other hand they make us beg for the self-explanatory.  Also the advanced search is still primitive to me. It needs updating to a more 2018 look / way of searching.


Once more.. thank you very very much but there is a lot more to be done. 

my 2c...


This is brilliant news. Glad to see it working in both Desktop and iOS clients.


I did a search by label the other day and it worked just fine! (Desktop Mac OS)


Any search is working fine now. Label, Year, Artist, etc... and combination like ===>  artist:"Norah Jones" label:"Blue Note" and so on.


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One of the biggest hassles with classical music on Spotify, streaming competitors, satellite, even public radio, is a lack of full information on a label and conductor.  Too often, we just get the composer's name and name of the work.  The info is on the CD or LP.  Full disclosure of who led what would be a plus.  Date of recording would also be added value to Spotify in this time of increasing competition on streaming music.


I agree on @realityfantasy and @Soundofus. I'd like to have all kind of search options i.e.: music style, publication year and so on.  And also selection on language. I'm European and listening to German, French, Italian, Spanish etc. songs also every once and a while.

The more options Spotify gives its listeners, it will remain the leader in
music streaming, as big competitors begin their crude sites eyeing their
own customer base.

It seems that this feature is back Online. I tested today and its working on the windows App

Status changed to: Case Closed

Advanced search is now back and working fine as well on Desktop App and Webplayer. So we can close this case. Enjoy your listening 🙂


Wow! Awesome, it's back. 😁