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[Search] Bring back Advanced Search

Up until recently, users were able to refine their search by using advanced options which are, sadly, no longer available.

I'm a musicologist, and small features such as being able to search by record label are quite important for me, as it should be for anyone who is not just a passive consumer of music! If you also believe that we need this feature back, support this thread.

Updated on 2018-09-24

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Community.


We're happy to confirm that Advanced Search is now available on Mobile and Desktop. 

For example, searching by 'year:', or 'label:'.


All the best,



Hey @noahspotify,


Marking this as a New Idea just makes sure that you haven't posted a duplicate idea, or something not right for the Ideas Exchange. In terms of adding back the Advanced Search features, this is the first idea for adding them back 🙂 


Let me know if I can help you with anything else!


Label search is (was) an excellent feature that made me prefer Spotify to Apple Music. Hopefully it will return. 


Removing advanced search features is just ridiculous. WIth the size of the library Spotify has it is mandatory. Each wee using "tag:new" I found music I liked that Spotify did not tell me was available. If you dont put in "new music friday" or "release radar", it goes unnoticed.


You shoudl be making advanced search BETTER, not removing it.


There are two possible reasons for the removal of advanced search. 

1- database optimization (for faster search)

2- tighter curation from Spotify (if you cannot search for yourself you will probably rely on a Spotify playlist)


At least they should bring the advanced search feature to paid members. 


Meanwhile at Spotify HQ...


Manager:  Okay guys, we're looking to update the app. Any ideas?


Employee no.1: Well you know how our customers can use the search bar to quickly find genres, or even list records by year - which great for nostalgia, musical exploration, and our older users? Or how they can mix and match those, and search for say, rock music from 19xx to 19xx?* Or how they can sort albums by what's recently been added? Or like, how they can refine those searches and, say for example, type in the name of a band but then only show albums from their early years and skip the later ones that were a bit rubbish? Or if that band only did one bad album, then they can just type 'not Album x' and that one won't show up with the others? Or how they can look through entire labels: so if they're a motown or hip hop fan or something, they can type 'Def Jam Records' for instance, and go to town?! You know how that's really handy, fast and increases the usability and functionality of our service...


Manager: ...yeah?


Employee no.1: We should remove that!


Manager: Great!


...Okay guys, any other ideas?


Cacophony of other employees: More Drake!!!



I wanted to say grunge music from 1989 - 1995 but apparently that's "not allowed in this community". How Odd.


Why... oh why did you do this?


 Guys, this is an absolutely needed feature; any ideas how to speed up the process and get more votes on this?


Just keep the thread alive, I guess.


Latest infos :


The advanced search has been removed from Desktop app but is available on the webplayer.


No infos actually if the feature is going to come back on the Desktop version.


Personally, as a very huge user, I never use the webplayer. No comfortable to use compare to Desktop.


So it needs also to have the advanced search on Desktop.


thank for the tip. 

never use the webplayer as well, but its nice to know.