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Show original year of album release

I'd like to be able to see the date an album was originally released, even if the current version is a re-release. So many albums are re-released that for some artists it looks like all of their albums came out in the last few years, even though some of them may actually be a decade old or older.


When this happens, I wind up just having to go to Wikipedia or Allmusic to find out the real info. But why drive me away from the Spotify experience?

We're excited to announce that we've managed to implement this idea. Recently, our content team has made some improvements to the way we validate and interpret content from rights holders. We've updated nearly 50,000 albums already! You may notice some remaining content not showing accurate original release year and we're working on improving this content in the coming months. Thanks for the feedback and enjoy the music.

I agree! This is so annoying!


Agreed - this is my biggest annoyance w/ the service


Me too. Albums are organized by year, but what is the significance of the year? It should be the original release date.


Agreed. It's really annoying. I'm always having to go to the likes of Wikipedia to find out the proper order.


I appreciate it's done by "re-release" year but when the album is identical it's rather pointless.


List the original release date for albums that have been rereleased - allow sorting on original release dates


Agree with this. It's a pain trying to sort through an artists work when the date listed against them all is the same just because they've only just been listed (or remastered, or re-released, or ...)


This has already been suggested:


Please search :-). Could this thread be locked so support can be consolidated into one thread. I agree btw, it's very annoying.


Yeah, sorry, just noticed that this is a dup


Original release date timeline selection for genre radios would be a stroke of genius!!!